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how to download and play torrents directly from the browser

25 mayo, 2021

In mid-2015, uTorrent introduced ‘uTorrent Web’, a web application designed for those who want to download and stream torrents directly from the browser.

And it is that, although its name can be misleading, it will be necessary to install an application to be able to uTorrent Web. In fact, we must be quite careful what we accept if we don’t want to end up with adware installed on our computer. It won’t ask twice during installation:


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Playing torrents before they finish downloading

Once we have dodged the adware and finished the installation, every time we click on a magnet link it will ask us if we want to open it in Utorrent Web. A new tab will open and the torrent will already be downloading.


Whether they are music files as video, one of the most interesting features of this tool is that it will allow us to reproduce the content before it is downloaded. At the top there will be a player that we can put in full screen:


At the bottom there will be a list with the torrents that are being downloaded, so we can pause them, activate them to play them or delete them. In my tests, I have found that (in addition to the advertising that appears at the bottom) sometimes advertising appears if we want to replay a file that was paused.

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In options we can define in which directory we want the files to be downloaded and by clicking on the folder that appears next to the torrent we can open it.

It is, above all, an interesting tool for those looking for a torrent client that allows them to stream video (a kind of Popcorn Time). Otherwise, it may be better to try other alternatives.