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How to download any video or audio from Youtube, 2015 edition

27 mayo, 2021

Whether they want to or not in Youtube, there have always been several utilities or resources on the web that allow us download the raw videos from the online player. But of course, Google is not stupid and they are developing measures to block its operation. Which in turn causes new tools to come out that achieve this and the loop to start again.

And how are we now, in spring 2015? Well, there are several ways to download videos or even audios, although most are very annoying and can even expose us to malware. Let’s see two methods that have something in common: they are relatively reliable until there are no changes.

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Method 1:


I’ve used countless websites over the years to try and download YouTube videos, and Peggo is the one that works best for me right now: it’s simple, it’s fast, and it does what it promises without bothering us with aggressive advertising. Simply we paste the web address of the YouTube video that we want to download, and all the options will appear:

Peggo Download

We can download the video to different qualities through the blue links just below the video (there are high definition options as long as the video has been uploaded to that quality), or we can download only the audio in MP3 format by clicking on the button Record MP3. Nothing else, it’s that simple.

Method 2: Jdownloader


Using the Jdownloader application is another way to download content from YouTube, although you have to take into account several requirements:

  • The Jdownloader version has to be the 2.0 beta, the stable does not offer video and audio downloads from YouTube. You can do it from here.
  • You can install the program on Windows, OS X or Linux, but you also have to install the runtime environment JAVA To make it work.
  • The installation process is somewhat cumbersome, with several sudden updates that will restart the application over and over again. We will also be asked to donate money to the project, but it is not a required step. If you find that you cannot continue unless you pay, uninstall Jdownloader and reload it from its official website.

Once you have taken all that into account and all the updates have been applied, just access the tab Link grabber and press the button Add link. A YouTube URL will allow us to store both the audio and the video of the source, in addition to the image that the author has put as the cover:

Jdownloader Download

The download does not start automatically, but we have to select what content to save and press the button with the symbol Play on the toolbar. To watch videos of a certain length offline and while YouTube does not release that advertised but absent function of temporarily downloading them, it can help us.

Image | GotCredit
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