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How to download applications from Google Play that are not compatible with your mobile

23 mayo, 2021

With Apk Downloader you can choose which mobile you have for this download the exclusive apps that are not compatible with your phone. It is a safe service, easy to use and suitable for almost any free application.

The Android application store includes a myriad of universal apps and games, but not all of its catalog is suitable for the full range of devices since there are brand exclusivities, apps that don’t work on old mobiles or software that needs minimum requirements, for example. So, if you access the store with an unsupported Android, it is impossible to download those apps since Google Play does not give the option. Although there are other ways, how to use ‘Apk Downloader’.

Download the Apk you need from Google Play

Apk Downloader

Imagine that you want to download the original Google Pixel camera application to your mobile. With a different mobile it is impossible to download it directly from Google Play, so you would have to choose to download the file from other stores or repositories, such as Apk Mirror or UpToDown. You can also use applications such as Aurora Store, an alternative store that allows downloads on mobiles that do not have Google Play services installed. And you can use another service, Apk Downloader.

Aurora Store, an alternative door to the Play Store to download applications without Google services

The page we are talking about allows not only to download almost any free application from the Play Store, but also simulate the device that is going to download it. In this way you can have the Apk instantly even if your mobile is not officially supported: just choose the Android version, the brand of the mobile and even the device. Apk Downloader will simulate those conditions and it will download the selected Apk from the store.

To use Apk Downloader you must do the following:

  • Access the service page. You can use a desktop browser or mobile browser.
  • Paste the web address (URL) of the application you want to download. You can copy the link from the store file or search for the app in the web version of the store. Remember that only free apps can be downloaded.
Apk Downloader 2
  • Choose the Android version in the ‘Config’ section. Ideally, you should select the same one that you have on your mobile (or a lower one), so you will increase the options that it works.
  • Select the brand you want to simulate. If we continue with the example of the Google camera, you would have to select that manufacturer.
  • If App Downloader gives you the option choose the model. In this way the process is further refined.
  • Press on ‘Generate download link‘and Apk Downloader will go to Google Play to create a direct download link for you.
  • By default you will download the latest version of the app, although you can choose a previous one.
Apk Downloader

This is a very fast and easy way to download any free application from Google Play no matter what mobile you have. It is also safe: the apps that are downloaded are the original ones and are signed. After all, Apk Downloader only pretends to be the mobile you want: the downloaded application always comes from the Play Store.