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How to download Disney + movies to SD card and what to watch out for

26 mayo, 2021

Do you want to take all the movies and series you like the most from Disney + regardless of the Internet connection dropping? The platform’s Android application allows its download. And not only to the phone, but also to the SD card. Does your mobile have a socket for this card? Well, you can save endless content without depleting the phone’s storage.

The Disney + streaming platform has been in Spain and other territories for a week: the company expanded its use beyond the United States and initial countries; luckily for those of us who wanted to access all movies and series from mobile phones and other devices. To do this, you only need the Disney + application, an app that is available for Android and that offers an extremely attractive option: download content to phone for offline viewing. And the good thing is that this download is also suitable for SD cards, a detail that avoids the limitation of the device’s own storage.

All content without depleting storage

Disney Download Sd Card

It is not that recent mobiles are characterized by being short on storage because even the cheapest mid-range and part of the 128 GB almost as standard, but it never hurts to have a memory card for save multimedia content there. Mp3s, movies and downloads from those streaming apps that allow saving to the SD, such as Spotify, Netflix and Disney +. This option greatly improves the application, it also gives air to those who are subscribed to the platforms and have a very tight storage, both due to the limit of the device itself and due to an excess of installed apps.

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How to activate Disney + downloads so that are saved in the SD memory instead of in the storage of the mobile or tablet? The process is as follows:

  • Make sure that your Android has an SD memory installed, that it is detected correctly and that it has enough space.
  • Open Disney + and click on your avatar, the right icon in the lower menu.
  • Go to ‘App Settings’.
  • Since the SD card does not steal space from your Android, it is best to activate ‘High’ in the ‘Download quality’ menu.
  • Go to ‘Download location’ and change the destination to ‘External storage’. Disney + highlights the GB space that is available so that you know which storage interests you the most (it will all depend on what is left to occupy).

From then on, everything you download will be saved on the SD card. To differentiate it from internal storage, Disney + marks each downloaded video with an SD card icon: This way you can know where each file has been saved and how the storage is being spent.

What to keep in mind with downloaded content

Install Disney Plus Android Tv
  • You can download Disney + content on up to ten different devices. In the event that you want to add a new one, you have to delete the downloaded from another in addition to the application.
  • What you download, both to internal and external storage, will be valid for one month offline. To extend the time you will have to connect the device to the Internet before the end of the month.
  • The size of the videos will vary depending on the quality you have marked. If you don’t have much space on your SD card (or phone), and you need to download a lot of content, lower the quality.
  • Disney + does not put a limit on the size of the SD: you can use a card with the maximum space that your device supports.
  • Card reading speed is important: the higher the quality of the files, the faster your card must be so that there are no jumps in playback. In general, a more or less recent SD should not give problems.
  • You cannot download content to a memory and change the card so that content is accessible on another phone with the Disney + app: You can only open the videos on the Android that made the downloads.