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How to download Instagram images, videos and stories from Android

21 mayo, 2021

Instagram is one of the most successful social networks. Every day millions of photos are uploaded and thousands of stories are shared, but all that information remains in the cloud and is inaccessible if we do not have an Internet connection. Today we bring you a little trick that can be very interesting for those who regularly use Instagram or simply for those who see a photo and want to download it easily.

The Instagram application for Android does not allow you to directly download images uploaded by other people. Fortunately, on Google Play there are dozens of simple applications that allow us to download Instagram photos, videos and stories. Here we leave you a brief tutorial on how they are used, what are our recommendations and how you can take advantage of them to have all the content saved where it interests you most. After all, the images should be ours and not only from Instagram.

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How to save Instagram images and videos

The first step to download and save images is install an Android application to help us in the process. If we go to Google Play, we will find a huge amount, all of them highly rated by users who discover almost by surprise that these applications are quite simple.

Instagram apps

Almost all of them are based on the same mechanics: share the photo with the app and this is responsible for the process of saving it on our device. How is it done? Basically we open the application, we go to Instagram, we click on the three points that appear in the upper right corner of the photo that we want to save and we mark copy link.

This will automatically send us to the application where we will see that our photo appears there. Then we give it to save or download and a copy of the image will be created in the internal memory of the phone.


From then on, it will be as if we had taken that photo: we can upload it again to another site or pass it wherever we want. As we can see, it is a very simple process, the equivalent of a “copy and paste”. One of our favorites is Photo and video downloader for Instagram, but we also find other very similar ones.

It is important to note that the applications leave us two options when starting. On the one hand, we can register with our Instagram account, which speeds up all the steps but can also put our privacy at risk. On the other, it allows us save images without having to log in to Instagram. We recommend doing it this way even though a couple of clicks are added.


Open the application, select the image, share the URL and hit save. An extremely simple process, which would be even more so if the official Instagram application allowed it and we did not have to go to third-party applications.

Photo and video downloader for Instagram

Photo and video downloader for Instagram

How to save Instagram stories

If instead of images, what we want is to download the Instagram stories, we live with the same application, although in this case it is mandatory to log in with your Instagram account in the built-in browser within Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram.

The process is the same. In the official Instagram application, open the story you want to save and tap on the button with the three dots in the box to write a message. This will open a menu where you must choose Copy link.


Then open Photo and Video Downloader for Instagram and the application will automatically paste the link from the clipboard. Being a story, the application will ask you to log in with your account before continuing. After doing so, the story will quickly download to your mobile.