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How to download manuals for millions of products totally free

22 mayo, 2021

You buy the product, you are very excited when you get home, you unpack it and throw the box away. Months later you have doubts about how to use certain functionality, but you realize that you do not have the manual (or that you cannot find it). Today we are going to give you a great solution.

Manuals Brain is an impressive project in which store nearly two million manuals, being able to find with a couple of clicks the user manual of your Galaxy S7, a washing machine, a camera or a television.

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You have two ways to find them. The most quick and easy is to place the name of the product in the search engine, and it will automatically appear product suggestions and even brands:


At the bottom we can find a list with the “best” brands, and we can see that they reach almost 10,000. That means that you will be quite likely to find the manual you are looking for.


Once we have selected the product we are looking for, an individual page will appear where we can see the screenshots of the manual, print it or download it in PDF. Better impossible.

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Some quick examples:

Games Nintendo Game Boy A Astroboy User Manual Pdf Manual for ‘Astro Boy Omega Factor’, Game Boy Advance game
At3 At5 E Casio At-3 keyboard
Apple eMac Apple eMac
Razer Ouroboros Razer Ouroboros

As we can see, the possibilities are endless, and it can help us if we have thrown away or lost the manual of our products. This way we will avoid wasting time searching at home or on the Internet.