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How to download maps from Google Maps on your Android to use them offline

26 mayo, 2021

For a few years, the application Google maps allows us to download your maps to enjoy three advantages: saving data, being able to use your browser and maps offline, and for the application to show us the map more quickly.

Google maps allows us download regions from your maps, as many as we want while our mobile device has available storage, and it is as simple as performing these steps:

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Download zone

Download Zone

We can download areas of the map by accessing the section Offline zones that we will find in its side menu. There in Select your own area we can select the area of ​​the map that we want to download. We can move the area and change its size by making the gesture of pinching (zoom). Once selected, all you have to do is give Download.

There is a maximum size to download an area at once, so if, for example, we want to download the complete map of a country, several areas will have to be downloaded.

Download Zone

Once downloaded in “Offline areas” we will see all downloaded areas, showing their size and when they expire. Downloaded maps expire after 30 days, but by default they will update automatically. By clicking on an area we will see which area of ​​the map we have downloaded together with the options to change the name, delete and update the area.

Download Zone

We can also download an area by searching for the name of a city, province, or country and when displaying its information sheet, click on “Download”. There again we adjust the size of the area and proceed to unload the area.

Offline setup

Download Zone

In the “Offline areas” section, by clicking on the gear icon that appears in the upper right part of the application, we will access its configuration. There we can adjust the automatic map update options, automatic map download and if we also want the maps to be downloaded with our data rate. By default the maps will only be downloaded and updated with Wi-Fi.

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