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How to download music for free and legally from your mobile

22 mayo, 2021

Even after the death of the headphone jack, smartphones are still one of the main tools for users to play songs. Streaming platforms like Spotify have completely changed the music industry, although there is life beyond these types of services. If we want to download songs from these platforms, we must be subscribed to the paid versions, as we already saw in the case of downloading music from Spotify.

Therefore, we are going to show you some applications and websites where you can download free music for mobile legally. Here we must have to download music for free implies doing it from applications and pages in which independent artists decide to publish their songs for free. Music mainstream has its corresponding copyright, and cannot be downloaded legally.



Jamendo is one of the most popular services when it comes to downloading music for free from our phone. The application exceeds half a million downloads, and it was last updated in the summer of last year. It works quite well and in a nutshell, It is a kind of Spotify of royalty free music.

Jamendo is the Spotify of free music. It has a great interface and allows you to download a huge library of songs without a license

We can search for music of different genres and artists, as well as enjoy several already created playlists, or create our own. To download the songs we have a button dedicated to it, so the process couldn’t be easier.

This is the only application that we can use from Android to download copyright-free music. Nevertheless, There are several web pages where we can download songs for free from the mobile.

Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music


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Audionautix is ​​one of the most complete services when it comes to finding royalty-free songs. It has a huge filter for genres, and allows download mp3 songs directly from the browser. These files will be saved in our downloads folder, and we can play them from the phone without any problem.

How to download music from Spotify to your mobile to avoid wasting data


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Musopen is another well known service, mostly focused on classical music. From here, we can download some of the great classics, open to the public domain. As with Audionautic, songs are downloaded directly from the download icon, and stored on your mobile phone.

As an added value, in addition to allowing you to download songs in mp3, it allows download sheet music in PDF format, so if you are a musician, you can store them on your phone and save them for when you need them.


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The Artist Union is a music portal where artists upload their songs, many of them free of copyright. We can both play the song and download it, and browse the huge repository of songs uploaded by different composers.


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Bensound is a site focused on free music and sounds. royalties. It’s quite visual, and it has many categories that we can search through. Next to the play button we have the download button, so there is not too much complication to find and download content.


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And we close with Incompetech, another royalty-free music repository, whose works can be downloaded for free from the phone. In this case, it is a website focused on content that can be used on YouTube channels, radio, podcast and more. We can download the contents for free and use them with a Creative Commons license to give credit, or download them with a license, of course, paying for them.