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How to download the subtitles of a YouTube video

27 mayo, 2021

If you are one of those who like to download Youtube videos to see them offline later or use them within a presentation, you will know how annoying it is to meet one who contains subtitles but that, instead of being embedded, it uses the site’s system (Closed Captions) to place them.

Here we present you two options to download those subtitles from YouTube: one, by means of a Firefox extension; another, by means of a Java program. The two fulfill the same function: download the subtitles in format SRT. Although, yes, they have their differences.

The extension: Youtube Caption Downloader

Youtube Caption Downloader, an extension for Firefox that downloads YouTube subtitles in SRT format

Youtube Caption Downloader is an extension for Firefox which adds a link under the video to download the subtitles in.SRT, so that later we can use them offline or even edit them. It is compatible up to 4.0b6pre.

After some tests, the extension does what it promised except when there are subtitles in several languages: as much as I have tried to select one, whoever he wanted has gone down. Except for this detail (important only if the video has several subtitles), it seems to me a quite useful complement.

Link | Youtube Caption Downloader

The program: Google2SRT

Google2SRT, a Java program that can download all available subtitles in a YouTube video in SRT format

A better solution than above is Google2SRT, a Java program which fulfills the same function but gives us the option to choose which subtitle to download in the event that there are several languages ​​available in the video.

Its use is very easy: we copy the YouTube address of the video in the upper box, we choose where and with what name we are going to save it, we click “Read” and below we will be shown the subtitles options from which we can choose (we can choose one, several or all ). Once we have marked what we want, we click on “Now!”.

The program no installation required. On Windows, we must execute the run.bat file and on Linux, the In case of not obtaining the subtitles by pasting the address, on the site there is a long explanation of how to do it using a file XML.

Link | Google2SRT