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How to download Windows 10 21H1 ISO before anyone else

22 mayo, 2021

The next major update to Microsoft’s operating system will arrive this spring and will be Windows 10 21H1, or what would be, like the previous year, the Windows 10 May 2021 Update. At the moment Microsoft has not announced the exact launch date, but technically it is already possible to enjoy everything that this will offer.

The latest build for Insiders on the beta channel, that is, the least unstable of all, received one of its latest updates recently, and it was very small because it only fixed a few bugs that remained to be resolved. It is what happens when we are so close to the final release, and in fact it is possible download the latest Windows 10 21H1 ISO in beta if you don’t want to wait.

You will not see a difference between this image and the final one except for some error correction

This ISO It contains basically everything that you will receive with the final version that is released of the May 2021 update of Windows 10 when it starts to reach all users, except obviously for last minute bug fixes that may or may not arise. (Although it is worth remembering that Windows is always running errors).

In order to download the ISO you don’t have to suffer much. You just have to go to the Microsoft download website where they offer the ISOs of the preliminary versions of Windows 10. To be able to access these downloads you must log in with your Microsoft account, and become an Insider with that account if you have not. Done before.

Select Windows 10 Edition

Select your edition of Windows 10

Navigate to the bottom of the page and select the beta channel edition from the drop-down menu (Beta Channel – Build 19043) and click on “Confirm”. After you do this, you will be able to select the Windows language and after confirming your choice, a 64-bit download and a 32-bit download will be offered. Unless your computer is very old (more than 15 years old), assume that you need the 64-bit one.

Version Language Download Windows 10

When you have downloaded your Windows 10 image, you can use a tool like Rufus to create a USB boot disk and perform a clean installation of the system on that same or another computer.

Or, in any case, you can go the safe way and just use the ISO to create a virtual machine and test what’s new without compromising your main installation. Windows 10 21H1 is a minor update that will come mainly with some functions focused on telecommuting, improvements in performance, and greater security in web connections.

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