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How to download your content from Facebook

24 mayo, 2021

Following its birth in February 2004, Facebook has become the social network par excellence; a place of reference where hundreds of people exchange experiences and carry out all kinds of actions that have evolved over time.

A long period that, inevitably and if you were one of the first to register, has led to the storage of a wide range of content, which ranges from photographs, comments, shared links and a long etcetera that you can already imagine. A quantity of personal information that you also have the possibility to download to your own computer.

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Your story on Facebook

Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 19 59 59

Thus, the platform has a specific option that allows us to get hold of all this material that, in one way or another, tells “the story” of our lives; a compendium that, in addition to the comments, includes details such as those friends we have blocked during our journey in the virtual community, status updates and, ultimately, everything what we have been doing on the Zuckerberg network.

A feature that, at the same time, gives us the opportunity to find out what exactly the tech giant knows about us or, at least, what we have told it over the years. It even includes data that is not so obvious, such as IP addresses, the applications that we have added, the alternative names that we have used, the date, exact time and place from which we registered.

Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 20 06 17

The same happens with the ads that we have clicked (although this retention period is limited), all the active sessions stored – with their corresponding date, IP address, information about the browser and device cookies, the history of conversations that we have had in the Facebook chat, and other data related to whether we have made purchases through the entity, the emails we’ve used in this community, linked accounts, and more.

The list of linked accounts, the times we have clicked on “I like” outside of Facebook, the occasions in which you have indicated that you liked other posts, the elements that you have hidden in your news section, phone numbers that you have added, the metadata of photos, and touches are also listed.

Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 19 35 55

Possibilities that, at the same time, make us aware of the facebook power. Family and romantic relationships (not only current ones), education, jobs, places we have visited, followers, favorite dates, friend requests, groups and the like are also present. But let’s get to the heart of the matter, the process to get all this information.

How to get the content

  • First of all and once connected to Facebook, click on the drop down that appears in the upper right part of the screen (you will find it next to the padlock symbol. Next, select the Settings section (it is in fifth place starting from the end of the list).
Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 19 22 34
  • Once inside, you will have access to basic information, such as your username, temperature, accounts, the date of the last time you changed the password and other parameters by which you will have the possibility to navigate. However, it will not be necessary because, at the base of this general panel, the option to download a copy of your information is integrated.

  • After clicking on this link, Facebook will offer you a brief description of the process you are about to carry out and everything you might encounter along the way. “Get a copy of what you have shared on Facebook”. Add a short and concise list that you can expand by entering “And much more.”

Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 19 36 21
  • Press the green button “Create my file”And enter your account password again, as requested. You will then receive a warning that can read “it may take a while to collect your photos, wall posts, messages and other information. Afterwards, we will ask you to verify your identity to protect the security of your account ”.
Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 19 38 42
  • When you confirm that you have understood the message, a pop-up window will notify you that the entity is collecting all this information and that, once it has done so completely, it will send you an email indicating that it is ready to download.
Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 19 54 21
  • In a few seconds you will receive an e-mail in which you will be informed that you have requested download and, shortly after (about two minutes, in the case of a server), another in which the link that will allow you to download the requested information will be included.
Screenshot 2016 06 07 At 19 58 05
  • The email will warn you that it may contain private information that you should protect and take precautions when storing it or uploading it to another service. The link in question – which will be invalidated in “a few days” for security reasons – will take you to your configuration page again, where it will be possible to get hold of the content by clicking on “Download file”.
  • Type your password again … and voila! Automatically it will begin to download a zip in which you will find, as you can see in the image, four different files. Namely: html, index, potos, videos; each of which corresponds to their respective categories.
Facebook Info
  • The html includes the topics of the ads you have clicked on, contact information, events, friends, messages, photos, places visited, security parameters, touches, surveys and more; While in index you will come across personal information such as previous relationships, jobs and more. The photos and videos folder are somewhat chaotic.

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