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How to easily erase a person or object from a photo with a free app

23 mayo, 2021

Photos do not always turn out as we would like. Sometimes they are blurry, we go out with our eyes closed or something just sneaks into the painting at the last minute. Luckily, there are tools with which you can delete people or objects from photos, with more or less acceptable results.

There are those who prefer complete applications that do everything, like the complete Snapseed photo editor, and those who prefer simple applications to do a specific thing. To this last category corresponds Delete unwanted object, a simple app to erase things that are left over from photos effortless.

Erase objects in photos

When we say what Delete unwanted object It is a simple application with a single purpose, we are not exaggerating. The first time you open it, you will see that there are only two buttons to open a photo from the mobile gallery or using the camera. The button Collections it collects edits you’ve recorded in the app, while the Tutorials button doesn’t seem to do anything at the moment.


When doing the editing itself, you also basically have two buttons: brush or bow. Brush is the tool to paint on the image the person or object you want to remove. Lasso serves the same purpose, but making a selection that will include all the content within that selection.

For me, the best application to edit photos is: the opinion of the editors of Engadget

That is, the first thing you should do is select what you want to delete, so that it is highlighted in red. You can zoom in on the photo with two fingers, as well as erase a selection that you have made more with the tool Eraser.


When you have the correct selection, press Process for the application to delete the object. The process takes a few seconds and then you can see the result, which is relatively good although it varies a lot depending on the photo and the precision of the cropping. It is not an application to achieve professional results, but it is for quick edits and without problems.

Delete unwanted object

Delete unwanted object