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How to edit your videos directly on YouTube

22 mayo, 2021

There are many video editors, for all tastes and all levels. There are even a good handful of them that you can use directly in your web browser, without having to download or install anything. Among them, the YouTube video editor.

Although logically it is not as powerful or complete as other more professional cutting tools, YouTube’s online editor includes all the basic video editing tools, with which you can combine different clips with each other, add texts and transition effects, trim excess fragments, include a soundtrack … Let’s review in detail how to take advantage of the YouTube editor to work with your videos.

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Step one: upload your videos

The YouTube editor, as you can imagine, is limited to videos you upload and post on YouTube (although in the end, as we will see later, they can be downloaded without publishing). Therefore, the first logical step is increase to the platform the material you want to work with. If there are different clips that you want to combine into a single video, but you don’t want them to exist independently, you can upload them in mode “Private”, so that they do not appear on your channel.

To do this, click the “Upload” button on the YouTube home page, in the upper right corner. You can choose the mode of the videos in a drop-down menu.

How to edit videos on YouTube

When you upload the video or videos, you can add if you want a title, a description and some tags, in addition to choosing a scaled image or thumbnail. If you are not going to post these clips, and they are only job material for a final video, it is not necessary to fill in these fields. Once you have everything ready, click on the “Video manager” button at the bottom of the web. From here, in the left sidebar, go to Create> Video Editor to start your creative process.

Editing videos on YouTube

As we said at the beginning, the YouTube editor focuses on the basic functions of a program of this type: being able to combine different clips with each other, add transition effects between them, place the odd label and give a final touch to the composition with a soundtrack. Do not expect extra profit beyond this, although surely for most it is more than enough.

How to edit videos on YouTube

Start by drag the video clips that you just uploaded to the bottom of the interface, where YouTube itself indicates it. You will see that, the moment you do it, you will have the possibility of Edit that clip by modifying certain parameters. In the first tab you will see utilities to adjust brightness and contrast, as well as stabilize the image in case it moves too much. You can also apply a scroll and zoom effect, and a slow motion effect.

How to edit videos on YouTube

On the other tabs, on the other hand, you will find utilities to add filters to the video, place a text overlaid and adjust some audio options, respectively. Make sure you explore them all to give each clip the touch you want. Filters, by the way, can be combined with each other.

How to edit videos on YouTube

How to trim and blend videos on YouTube

Another basic function in video editing is usually cut out those parts that do not interest. In the YouTube editor, you just have to move the cursor from the video track, at the bottom of the screen, to the point where you want to cut the video, and once there click on the icon in the shape of pair of scissors. The resulting fragments, in addition, you can rearrange them as you want in the interface by simply dragging and dropping them on the video track.

How to edit videos on YouTube

Remember to also make use of the function of zoom at the bottom left of the editing interface; in very detailed trimming jobs, where you want to fine tune down to a specific second, it is essential to not leave your eyes on the screen.

And if you make a cut but later regret it and want to go back to the original length, you just have to click on one of the two fragments, and drag the blue box that wraps it to one side to return it to its original length. Then you can delete the other fragment.

Finally, and to smooth the passage from one fragment to another, nothing like placing a transition effect among them. In the YouTube editor you have more than a dozen to choose from, and placing them in your video is as easy as drag and drop them on the audio track. Once there, you can modify its duration by dragging the blue box from one side to the other.

In some cases, you can also customize some options (such as choosing the color in a fade or the direction in which the effect moves).

How to edit videos on YouTube

Add music, text or photos in the YouTube editor

A good video is not enough just with the image. A good soundtrack and some labels they are essential so that the final video is round. And the YouTube editor provides you with all the necessary material. If you also want to insert photos in your video, you can also do it.

In the tabs identified with a camera icon, a musical note and the letter “a”, respectively, you will find everything you need to complement your video with Photos, music Y texts. The first allows you to take advantage of photos from your Google account, or upload them directly from your Google account; the second puts at your disposal a wide repertoire of royalty-free songs (you can’t upload yours here); and finally, the third allows you to insert labels in your video in a very simple way, with several customization options.

How to edit videos on YouTube

Final steps

Have you trimmed and organized your clips? Have you corrected its settings, added filters, placed the odd transition effect? Have you put the finishing touch on it with a soundtrack? Then it is time to publish it. Click the “Create Video” button and the final video will start to process, and will be available on your YouTube channel in a few minutes.

If you want to save the video locally to use it on any other site, and not publish it on YouTube, remember to keep it as private both the clips and the resulting final video (in fact, once the final video is uploaded, you can delete the clips). Then you can download it seamlessly from the video manager of your own YouTube channel.

How to edit videos on YouTube

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