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How to empty the Android trash

22 mayo, 2021

Some operating systems, like Windows, include a kind of purgatory before permanently deleting a file: the recycle bin. The normal thing is to forget its contents except when you need to recover files that you accidentally deleted, since its content is deleted from time to time.

Android as such does not have a trash can, although some layers of customization and applications include a similar function and sometimes with the same name. Sometimes you prefer that the erased be erased definitively and therefore you will want to empty this bin. This is how it is done.

Empty the Google Photos Trash

Google Photos is one of the most popular applications that includes its own trash can. All the photos and videos that you delete from Google Photos and are automatically deleted after 60 days. If you want, you can always speed up the process by entering the trash itself and deleting its content.

Empty the trash

To do this, open the side panel of Google Photos and enter Paper bin. Then tap on the menu button and, finally, choose Empty the trash. Keep in mind that this is irreversible and you will not be able to recover the contents of the trash after emptying it.

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Empty the Gallery Trash

Many Android phones come with Google Photos pre-installed as a gallery app, but some layers of customization still go for their own classic gallery. This gallery app you can have your own trash can, maybe under another name like Recently deleted items, which is what Huawei calls it in the EMUI gallery app.

Remove all

Unfortunately, here we cannot guide you step by step, as it depends on each gallery application and not all will have the option. In EMUI, the recently deleted items – that is, the trash – is shown as one more album, so you have to enter it and then tap on Get rid of. If your mobile has a gallery application with a trash can, it is very possible that the process is similar.

Empty the Google Drive Trash

Another application that has a trash can is Google Drive, in this case including any photos, videos, documents or any other file that you have recently deleted after uploading it to Google Drive. It is accessed again from the side panel, entering Paper bin.


Emptying the Google Drive trash is a bit more complicated than in other applications, as there is no button as such. Instead, you need to select all files by long-tapping on one of them and then using the button. Select all, then use the options menu and choose Permanently delete.

Empty the Gmail Trash

Finally, we cannot forget about the Gmail trash, the place where all the email messages that you delete and that go keep for 30 days before disappearing forever. If you want to delete them now, you just need to enter Trash and press Empty Trash Now.

Empty gmail

In this article we have covered the main applications with a trash or similar function, although there could be more. If you are looking for how to empty the trash of another application, the normal thing is that the process is not very different from the previous applications.