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How to enable, disable and configure Instagram notifications on Android

21 mayo, 2021

Regardless of the customization layer of the manufacturer of our mobile, Android offers us, on the one hand, the possibility of enable or disable all notifications of the phone, and on the other, the option to enable them (or not) individually in each of the applications that we have installed.

Many of these applications, in turn, allow us not only to activate, but also customize those notifications within its own Configuration or Settings panel. This is especially useful in the case of social networks, as we recently saw on Facebook and WhatsApp, and as we will see below on Instagram.

How to configure general notifications

As long as you have activated notifications for Instagram in your phone’s Settings, the popular photography social network allows you to receive push notifications to alert you, for example, when you have a new follower or when someone indicates that they like or comment on your post.

How to block SPAM notifications on Android

The process to activate or deactivate these notifications on Instagram is very simple:

1) Enter your profile page and tap on the menu icon that you will find at the top right.

2) In the menu that will be displayed on the right side, press ‘Settings’ (it’s all the way down).

3) Select ‘Notifications’ and adjust the settings of each of the options to your liking.


First of all, we have the possibility to mute all push notifications of Instagram for a certain time. To do this, simply activate ‘Pause all’ and select the time during which we do not want to receive any type of notification (between 15 minutes and 8 hours). During that period, as the app itself tells us, we will not receive push notifications, but we will see the new notifications when we open the application.

Instagram 2

Under ‘Pause all’, you can configure each type of notification clicking on it:

  • Posts, stories and commentsDepending on the content, it is possible to deactivate all notifications, activate those of everyone (any Instagram user) or activate only those of those people you follow.

  • Accounts you follow and followers– You can enable or disable notifications for new followers, new friends on Instagram, accepted requests, recommendations, and mentions.

  • Direct messages: in addition to activating or deactivating message or message request notifications, allows you to enable or disable notifications when you have an incoming video chat.

  • Live Videos and IGTVNot only is it possible to activate the notification to notify you when someone starts a live video, but also to know when your video has been uploaded to IGTV and how many views it has taken.

  • From Instagram– Here, you can turn on reminders for unread notifications or notifications about new Instagram features.

Instagram 3
Instagram 3b

In addition, in the section ‘Other types of notification’, it is possible to enable and disable the notifications by email and SMS to, for example, receive suggestions about Instagram tools, information about new features and comments or notifications that you may have missed.

Instagram 4

How to turn on notifications for a person

On the other hand, as long as you have notifications activated, you can also choose accounts you want to receive notifications about. That is, Instagram gives you the possibility to notify you when a certain user (a special person for you or a famous person, for example) publishes something new.

To do this, you just have to enter the profile or the corresponding account of that person and click on the ‘Following’ tab (if you do not follow that account, you cannot receive notifications of their publications). In the menu that appears, press ‘Notifications’ and choose if you want to receive notifications when you make a new publication, when you share a new story or in both cases.

Instagram 5

From then on, every time that account publishes a new photo, video or Storie, Instagram will show you a notification to notify you of this. You can do it with all the people you want and if, at any given time, you prefer to stop receiving notifications from any of them, just carry out the same process and deactivate them.