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how to export and import passwords

24 mayo, 2021

As the number of websites and services we use grows, remembering passwords becomes a more and more difficult task, especially if, as recommended, we do not use repeated passwords. To solve the management you can use password managers, but you can also control them all from your browser. If the one you use is Google Chrome, so you can export and import all stored passwords.

Previously, an experimental function had to be activated to export passwords, but it is no longer done this way. Let’s look at the new process.

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How to export passwords in Google Chrome

To export the passwords stored in Google Chrome, the first step will be to go to the place where we can consult the list of user names and password of the different services. It can be accessed from settings, but the fastest way is by entering this address in the Chrome navigation bar: chrome://settings/passwords.

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After going to that address, we will find that list, but at first glance we will not see a button to export passwords. We will have to click on the button with three vertical dots that we find to the right of “Saved passwords“, as we can see on the image below.


By clicking on it, the option “Export passwords“, as we also see. When it is executed, a text box will open that will show a security warning that reads” Any user who can see the exported file will be able to see your passwords. “If you have no problem with it, the next thing you should to do is press the blue button that will appear showing “Export passwords“in white letters.

At that moment, the system will ask us for an administrator password to continue, and after entering it, we will be able to choose where to save the “.csv” file that is generated. With the file, which is generated in a few moments, we recommend being very careful, because as Google warned, can be seen by any user, as it is not encrypted.

How to import passwords in Google Chrome

The option to import passwords in Google Chrome is not activated by default in the version from which this article is written (Chrome 76). In order for the option to be activated in Chrome and other Chromium browsers, we will have to enter the following address in the navigation bar: chrome://flags/#PasswordImport

This will open Chrome’s advanced settings, and highlight an option called “Password import“. To its right there is a drop-down that by default is marked as” Default “. We will have to select”Enabled“As an option, after which Chrome will ask us to restart. Once we do, we will have to re-enter the address chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar.

Settings Import

In this settings window, when we select “to import“, the browser will open a window to examine the files and allow us to search for the” .csv “file in which we have them stored locally. We must know that if we have the Google account synchronized in Chrome, our passwords will also be synchronized in her.