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How to factory reset an Android mobile

25 mayo, 2021

Restoring factory data on Android is a way to troubleshoot, or at least diagnose if the problem is caused by some configuration or installed application. It is a method a bit drastic, as it supposes the erasure of all the data and configurations.

Sometimes what you are looking for is precisely that data destruction, because the mobile is going to be sold or given to another person and you want to make sure that there is no personal information left inside. This time around, factory data reset is an efficient way to clean your system, and much faster than doing it by hand.

What is the use of factory reset

Factory data reset means that all user data will be deleted, including applications and application updates that have been installed and leaving the phone as just purchased. This includes user accounts, photos and videos that have been saved in the internal memory of the phone. Not so those that have been saved separately on the memory card.

Why would someone want to erase all the data on a mobile? There are several reasons for this: for example, before selling or giving a mobile, to ensure that no trace of your personal information or accounts remains, or when the mobile has a problem and it is not clear if the fault could be caused by any installed app or update. In fact, it is one of the first things that official technical services do when you send them a mobile phone with problems.

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Factory reset Android mobile it is an irreversible processTherefore, after deleting your data, it will be very difficult to recover it without the help of a professional data recovery company, and even then it is not guaranteed that you can recover all the deleted data, photos and videos.

1. Find the option

Restoring factory data is very easy. What is more difficult is to find the option between the settings, as these vary from one model to another and also with the different versions of Android. What they all have in common is the first step: open Settings from the app drawer.


Now is when the roads converge. In the latest versions of Android, in its purest version, you should go to the System section, but this classification varies a lot from one mobile to another. Some include it in the section of Backup copy, others in User account, others in Safety. If you are unable to find it, use the search engine at the top to search for “factory restore” or substitutes. It shouldn’t take long to show up.


Continuing with the example of Android Pie, the options related to backup and recovery are not visible in plain sight in the System section, but you must tap on Advanced to expand and display all the available options.


Now, among the new options that are shown is the one that interests us for restoring factory data. Is about Recovery options, which includes another type of reset in addition to the factory reset.


It cost a little more than we would like (unless you have used the search engine) but we have finally reached the end of the journey. Here you will find Erase all data (factory reset), the section where you can do exactly that. It is a bit hidden, yes, but it is also true that it is not an option that you need to use every day.

Erase everything

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2. Think twice and press the button

The next window does not beat around the bush: it summarizes what it means to restore all factory data and how you will lose all user accounts, settings, applications, music, photos and other user data stored in the internal storage of the phone. If that’s what you want to do then tap Reset phone.


Wait … are you sure? Before proceeding with the actual removal, Android asks you again if you are sure and very sure. Remember that it is an irreversible process and any data that you have not secured will be lost.


There is no third notice. After pressing delete all, the mobile will think for a while and then will restart. It may take a little longer than normal to come to, and when it does, it will do so with empty user data. Therefore, it will generally welcome you back with the system setup wizard.