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How to find a lost or stolen Android phone

21 mayo, 2021

Today, the mobile has become our inseparable companion, which is why, the fact of losing it -or worse, that it is stolen- it can be a real drama. Even if we put ourselves in the best of cases and have a backup of the data and files, surely recovering our terminal becomes a matter of utmost necessity.

Fortunately, there are several tools that can help us find our phone in case of loss and even allow us to disable it if it has been stolen. Some manufacturers, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, have their own solution for this purpose, but Google offers us an alternative called ‘Find my device’ that can be used on any Android device. Let’s start with it and then see the other proposals.

Locate your mobile with ‘Find my device’

Find My Device

In 2013, Google released its Android Device Manager so that we could locate our terminals on the map lost, make them ring or erase all your data in case of theft. Later, it also added the possibility to lock and reset the password of our lost or stolen device remotely from its website.

This is how the GPS of your mobile manages to locate you with a few meters of error

In 2017, Google revamped its interface, renamed the tool ‘Find my Google device’ and introduced it within Google Play Protect. To check that you have it activated:

  • Access your phone’s settings.

  • Look for Google options and click on ‘Security’.

  • Go to ‘Find my device’ and make sure it is activated; It is also essential to have the location activated in the terminal that we want to search.

From there, you have two options: access this web page to find any mobile or tablet associated with your account, or download a free and very simple app that can be used on terminals with Android 4.1 or higher.

Find My Device 02 Web version of ‘Find my device’

In the case of the app, once downloaded, you must log in with your Google account and grant access permissions to your location so that the current location of your device is shown on the map.

Find My Device 04

At the top of the screen, all the Android devices that you have signed into with that account will appear. By clicking on each of them, we can see the current location (or the last registered location), the terminal model, the network status and the battery level. In addition, at the bottom of the screen, we will have the options to play sound, lock device and erase device.

Find my Google device

Find my Google device

  • Developer: Google LLC.
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools

Other alternatives


As we said at the beginning, apart from the option provided by Google, Samsung and Xiaomi have their own tool to find a mobile integrated into their respective custom layers. The basic operation is practically identical to that of ‘Find my device’.

They also share the basic actions that can be carried out remotely: make the phone ring, lock it (‘Lost Mode’ on Xiaomi) or erase all its content. In addition, Samsung adds other actions remotely, such as Follow location, Backup, Extend battery, etc.

Find your Xiaomi mobile

Xiaomi 02

To activate the tool proposed by Xiaomi, you must do the following:

  • Open the settings of your Xiaomi mobile and go to the ‘My Account’ options.

  • Go into ‘Xiaomi Cloud’.

  • Go to ‘Find Device’, within the ‘Protect Data’ options.

  • Tap on ‘Turn on Find Device’ to activate the location (you must enter the password of your Mi account). In the event that you already had the location active, the message would be ‘Turn off’ or turn off.

When you have activated ‘Find Device’ on your Xiaomi, you can search for its location from the Mi account web options. You just have to access this page, log in and enter the phone search.

Find your Samsung mobile


In the case of Samsung, the option to search for a lost or stolen phone is activated as follows:

  • Access your Samsung mobile settings and go to ‘Biometric data and security’.

  • Find the option of ‘Find my mobile’ and turn it on (you may have to sign in with your Samsung account).

  • Enter the options and mark ‘Remote unlock’ and ‘Send my last location’ to have all remote tools available.

Once you have activated the Samsung location service on the phone, you can find your phone at any time by entering this manufacturer page.