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How to find if an image or photo is copied with Google’s reverse search

24 mayo, 2021

We all know Google, and almost all of us have also gone to its image search engine to search for a photograph through a text search. What is not known so much is that we can search google images through other images, finding similar files all over the web.

How do you get that? Well, directly from Google Images. But instead of entering text in the search field, we click on the small icon in the shape of a photographic camera that we have at the end of that field. We will see what you see in the image above, and that is where the party begins.

We have two ways to use an image as a search pattern in Google: enter the direct URL where it is hosted, or upload that image from our computer. The result will be a list of all sites where the same image has been found, or at least one very similar to it.

Many of the similar results that we can find may have additional watermarks or a filter that changes its tonality.

If the image we upload is ours, this search mode will help us to easily find any website that has used it without our permission. At the same time, if we compare results, we can also see if any modification has been made with the intention of differentiating that image from the original.

Look for, for example, watermarks that have been placed on top or a filter to Instagram that gives the image a slightly different tonality. Those who have no respect for the work of others, unfortunately, know them all.


Refine the results with the search engine options

Google Images Search Tools

You can settle for the results that appear after the reverse search, but always keep in mind that we can refine a little more. We can filter these results according to size, to see if the plagiarist has tried to make it bigger and thus be able to detect a reduction in quality, or we can filter it according to its license as we told you a while ago.

An example could be, for example, using an image of ours that we have published under a Creative Commons license to find out who has plagiarized it without respecting that license during the last week. Yes, with Google Images you have more than enough and you do not need third-party extensions to find that.

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