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How to find the first message you sent to a friend on Facebook Messenger, no matter how old it is

24 mayo, 2021

Facebook Messenger It is one of the most used messaging protocols around the world, since it takes advantage of the fact that hundreds of millions of people have it together with their Facebook account. And at the same time, it is one of the protocols that saves the most messages in its history unless we delete them through its options.

Maybe it gives us a fit of nostalgia and we think: can I find the first message What did I send to this person via Facebook Messenger? They are usually buried under tens of thousands of shipments, but fortunately they can be found. Just a little bit of dexterity with the service URLs is enough.

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Find everyone’s first message by playing with their identifier

First, we will open Facebook Messenger in our desktop browser and select the conversation that interests us. In it, we will scroll up and see how the oldest messages are loaded as we go higher. No, repeating that step tens of thousands of times is not reasonable: what we will do is look at the dialog that appears while loading the messages, which will be something like “Loading Previous Messages (58929) …“.

That figure that you see at the end (58929 is an example, your figure may be much lower or much higher) is the total number of messages that remain to be loaded from your conversation. Memorize it, and then go to the mobile version of Facebook Messenger from the same desktop browser (not from mobile). A very simplified interface of the same service will appear.

There we will select the same conversation from which we have taken the number, and we will look at the link to see the oldest messages. This time they do not load automatically, to save mobile data. We open that link, but in a new window or tab. In it we will see the same conversation but with messages prior to those we saw before, but the important thing is in the URL that the browser will have loaded. It will be more or less like this:

From that address we are interested in the part “start = 7”. Do you see that number 7? Replace it with the number you found in the first step and reload the web. You will come across very old messages, and it will be enough for you to click a few more times on “Load Previous Messages” to come across the first one. You already have the anecdote to show to any friend, and it also works with conversations between groups of people.

Remember: this it only works if we have not deleted the conversation of messages. If this motivates you to do it, you have the option in the Actions menu of the Facebook Messenger desktop website.

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