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How to free up Google storage space by deleting large Gmail emails

22 mayo, 2021

Starting in June 2021, the high quality backup of Google Photos will be deducted from the storage space, which is shared in Google Drive, Photos and Gmail. That is, after time your free storage will end up filling up of Google.

One way to free up this storage space is to clean up emails that take up a lot of space and you no longer need. We tell you how to find these heavy emails in Gmail on mobile and delete them, to free up shared Google storage space.


Find the heaviest emails in Gmail

Each email that reaches you in Gmail takes up a certain space storage, although it is not shown clearly either on the Gmail website or in its applications. One way to know how much a specific email occupies is to download it in .eml format from the Gmail website, or use an email client that displays the data, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, on a PC.

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Although Gmail does not show it publicly, each email has a specific size, and you can do a search for find the emails that take up the most space. In the web version of Gmail, it can be done visually with the search engine, although in the Gmail mobile application there is no advanced search engine.

Search filters are available on the Gmail website, but not in the app Search filters are available on the Gmail website, but not in the app

Luckily, although the Gmail app does not make it easy for us to search to find the messages that occupy the most, the special search commands continue to work. That is, you can search for find emails that occupy more than a certain size, such as 10 megabytes. The search parameter is as follows: larger:10M, changing the number by the amount of megabytes.

First, it is recommended that you go to the All folder from Gmail, so that the search includes all emails regardless of what folder they are in, although it is not required. Then enter the command in the search bar as normal.


The search will return you as results all emails that take up more than what you specified, although you are never told how much it is exactly. Generally, they will be emails with attachments, although it may also be that it is not like that, but it has many uncompressed images in the content.


At this point, it is up to you to select the emails that you do not need and, therefore, you want to delete, tapping on the avatar to select them and then pressing the trash button. If you regret it, you can immediately undo the deletion or recover the deleted emails from the trash.