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How to free up storage space on Android?

24 mayo, 2021

Stay without storage free is together with the battery one of the problems that many users have to deal with every day. We cannot have all the applications, games and files that we would like, so we always have to manage the storage very well to avoid problems.

When our Android device already has very little free storage, it no longer lets us install more applications and if the warning jumps many apps will stop working properly, since the synchronization will be deactivated, with we can stop receiving messages, SMS and other notices until we do a cleaning to free up space.

For our device to work normally we have to do cleaning in storage, and for this you will only have to follow the following tips and tricks:

Clear cache

Clear Cache

First of all, is to clear the cached data of all installed applications and games. As of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean you can clear the cache data from the system settings, from Settings> Storage and clicking on Cached data. If we have an older version of Android we can use applications such as Clean Master or CCleaner.

Delete downloads

Delete downloads

The next step to free up internal memory is to enter the application downloads and delete all those files that we will no longer need.

Clean up photos, videos, music and other files

Another step, but more expensive, is do general cleaning, deleting all those photos, videos, music and files from applications such as WhatsApp that we are not interested in keeping in storage. We can do the cleaning from a file explorer or from the applications themselves.

Upload your photos, videos, music and files to the cloud

It is advisable to have always a backup of all our files in the cloud not to have it on the device. To save photos and videos in the cloud we have different options such as Google Photos or Flickr, and to save files in general we have Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Delete backed up photos and videos

Free up space

If we are saving a backup of our photos and videos in the cloud, we can delete their copy on the device. For example in Google Photos has the option Free up space what Delete all our photos and videos with backup from internal storage at once.

Clear application data Caution!

Another option to free up storage is to delete the data of the applications, but with this step we have to be very careful, since we don’t have to do it in all applications. This step delete everything from the application, leaving it as just installed, deleting our data, accounts, games, etc … The data is deleted from the application information.

Delete data

Move apps to the microSD card


If your device has a microSD, you will be able to see if your version of Android allows you to move the applications to the microSD. To do this go to Settings> Storage> Applications, click on an application and see if the option to Change the storage type appears. If it lets you choose the microSD.

Uninstall apps

Uninstall apps

The last step to free up storage is uninstall applications that we no longer use. To do this, see if your application launcher or the settings of your device allows you to sort the applications by use to see which applications you have not used for a long time. If not, go through your app drawer one by one to eliminate those that you know you won’t need.

Upgrade: Article updated on 09/06/2017 to explain how space is freed up with the latest versions of Android and Google Photos.

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