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How to get free balance to pay for Google apps and services with Opinion Rewards

24 mayo, 2021

Google Opinion Rewards is not exactly a new application, but it never hurts to remember it as one of the best ways to get paid apps and premium services from Google without paying a penny. Don’t mind filling out surveys from time to time? Well, Google pays you for it.

The news of the day is the end of the free backup of Google Photos, a service that from 2021 it will lose a good part of its appeal. After offering it from the beginning at no cost as long as Google takes care of the compression on the upload, Photos becomes paid for those who exceed 15 GB free. Now: how to save money on the payment services of the company? There is an app that now takes on greater prominence: Google Opinion Rewards.

Google pays you credit for filling out surveys

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a survey service that has been running on Android since November 2013. It did not arrive in Spain until November 2015. And during that time it has helped a huge number of people have discounts on applications, on subscriptions within those apps and, not least, Opinion Rewards has also made it possible to obtain free google premium services. This is the case of Google One, for example: the Google Play credit obtained with Rewards is redeemable for cloud storage.

The best alternatives to Google Photos to make an automatic backup of mobile photos

For the purpose of unlimited backup of Google Photos, there is no choice but to go through Google One if you plan to exceed the 15 GB that the company offers to each account. With 1.99 euros per month you have the option of obtaining 100 GB of storage so you can upload what you want, both files to Drive and images and videos to Google Photos. And those 1.99 euros are relatively easy to obtain with Opinion Rewards, we can attest to that.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

To get money in exchange for filling out surveys, simply download the application and register it with your Google account, both a private account and G Suite / Workspace. You must bear in mind that Google is going to ask you about sites where you have been, products that you bought, videos that you like and other types of personal information, with the loss of privacy that means. And you will not always have surveys available since their appearance depends on many factors.

Google Opinion Rewards Google One configured to consume the balance generated by Opinion Rewards

Once the surveys appear, and whenever you answer them, Google will load credit on your Google Play. Not all of them will give you the same money, it also depends on what you answer. And then you will have the option to redeem the balance for applications, subscriptions to apps or Google services. As long as there is enough balance You will have access to the exchange for services (in the applications you can combine the Google Play balance with the payment by card or PayPal).

The average credit per survey answered is usually between 0.10 and 0.40 euros. Depending on the answer you can get more or less money

With Google Opinion Rewards surveys, it is not difficult to save the cost of Google One to continue uploading all your photos without the 15 GB limitation. And if a month is not enough, you will always have the option to pay it through another payment method. Or pause the backup: Google will not delete your uploaded content, yes it will not let you climb any more.

How to get more money in Google Opinion Rewards

Google Locations History Having the history of locations, and moving around the city, attracts a greater number of surveys

The mechanics of the surveys have no more mystery than filling them in as soon as a new one appears in the notifications. Note that These surveys expire, you must fill them out quickly. Also the balance expires.

As we said before, whether more or fewer surveys appear depends on many factors. You must have filled out your profile to the maximum, you must move around your city, surf the Internet, watch YouTube… With a logical and normal activity you can get just enough for the basic subscription of Google One every month.

What do you want to maximize the performance of Google Opinion Rewards? Let’s see what recommendations you should take into account.

  • Make sure you have your phone’s location history active. Google takes your position to see if a survey fits with nearby businesses: the more you move through commercial areas, the more surveys you will have.
  • Install Google Opinion Rewards on the maximum number of mobiles. This way you have more option to be close to an available survey.
  • Make sure you use YouTube with the same account that you signed up for Opinion Rewards. The same for when you googling.
  • Fill in the maximum information in your Google account.

Filling out surveys for Google makes you lose privacy, we must emphasize it. Plus, Opinion Rewards doesn’t offer a lot of money in return, so you may not be worth the loss of privacy. Even so, it is a good help if you do not want to use means of payment with Google: the balance is a valid transaction method for a large number of services related to the Play Store.