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how to get free PM tickets, Pokemon Quest cheats pixiegames

2 julio, 2021

Pokemon quest leaves players in a blocky world filled with 151 original first generation pokémon. There are expeditions to complete, Pokémon to make friends, and a base camp to decorate. You can take shortcuts in the game by spending PM Tickets, the in-game currency. In this Pokémon Quest PM Ticket Guide, we’ll explain exactly what PM Tickets are, what you can use them for, and how to get PM tickets quickly in Pokemon Quest. We’ll also cover some of the decorations you can buy in Pokemon Quest and give you some tips on which ones to get.

For everything else related to Pokemon Quest, head over to our Pokemon Quest guide hub. You’ll find everything you need to know about the new Pokémon Nintendo Switch title, including tips and tricks for beginners, cooking recipes, a Pokémon Quest evolution guide, and more.

Pokemon Quest PM Tickets

PM Tickets are used to speed up certain aspects of Pokemon Quest. You can usually use PM tickets to avoid having to wait for different actions to finish in the game. As a result, they are incredibly useful. Here’s everything you can spend PM Tickets in Pokemon Quest:

  • You can finish cooking a dish instantly by spending tickets, allowing you to catch Pokémon faster. Learn more about cooking in our Pokémon Quest Recipe Guide.
  • Leveling up Pokémon is much easier when using PM tickets, as is Move Learning.
  • You can also head to the store to spend PM tickets on decorations for your base camp.
  • PM Tickets can be used to increase the number of Pokémon and Power Stones that you can carry in Pokémon Quest.
  • You will also need PM tickets to recharge your battery, allowing you to go on Expeditions.

You cannot buy more PM tickets directly, but they do come with certain cosmetic packages. However, there are many different ways to earn PM tickets while you play, and there are ways to get PM tickets quickly in Pokemon Quest.

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You can speed up the kitchen with PM Tickets in Pokemon Quest

How to get PM tickets quickly in Pokémon Quest

PM Tickets are the only form of in-game currency in Pokemon Quest and can be obtained in a number of ways. The quickest way is to spend money as you can purchase additional content from the Member Service menu. You can’t just buy PM tickets, instead they come with cosmetic packages along with decorations. Here are all the packages you can buy in Pokemon Quest:

  • Expedition package ($ 4.99) – Bonus cooking pot, Poke Ball statue, Nidoran / Nidorina and pokemon statues, 100pm tickets
  • Great Expedition Package ($ 12.99) – Bonus Cooking Pot, Big Ball Statue, Eevee Bow, Lapras Pokémon, Lapras Statue, Tickets at 100pm
  • Ultra Expedition Package ($ 20.99) – Bonus Cooking Pot, Ultra Ball Statue, Pikachu Bow, Gengahr Balloon, Snorlax Couch, Snorlax Pokemon, 100 PM Tickets
  • 3-pack expedition pack ($ 34.99) – Everything mentioned above, 300 PM Tickets

There are also Power Stones that you can buy from the store and each one will give you an additional 100 PM ticket as a bonus.

There are plenty of ways to earn free PM tickets in Pokemon Quest too, so we’ve put together a helpful list on how to get PM tickets in Pokemon Quest for free.

  • Daily login – The easiest free way to get PM tickets in Pokemon Quest is to head to the member service area every day where you can collect 50 PM tickets. It restarts every 22 hours, so be sure to log in regularly.
  • Missions and challenges – As you venture out into the world and complete Expeditions, you will also complete Missions. These can be found in the Missions tab at the bottom left of the screen and are divided into Main Missions and Challenge Missions. They will reward you with PM tickets upon completion, so keep an eye out for an exclamation point icon on your HUD that will tell you when there are PM tickets to collect.

Pokemon Quest Cheats

There are currently a couple of ways to cheat in Pokemon Quest. These consist of some exploits and some ways to hack / grind levels. We have included them below:

  • In fact, you can repeatedly activate the avoid / flee function. To do this, grab the cursor and click around the edges of the Avoid / Run box. If you keep moving it, you will find a point where the ability will trigger repeatedly without needing to be recharged. You can use this to attack and then run right away, a great tactic to beat bosses easily.
  • For mobile device users, change the time on your device the next day. Then there will be a Pokémon on your island each time you charge, with levels in the range of your current pot.

Pokemon Quest Decorations

In Pokemon Quest, you have a base camp to decorate. You can buy Decorations in Pokemon Quest using PM Tickets, and many are quite useful to have. Here are our picks for the best decorations in Pokemon Quest:

  • Mewtwo Bow – Costs 700 PM Tickets and adds +1 battery charges
  • Pikachu surfboard – Costs 400 and increases the chance of attracting multiple Pokémon with your kitchen by 1.5 x
  • Swivel chair Kangaskhan – Costs 800 PM tickets and increases the chance of getting a Pokémon with a multi plug by 2 x
  • Fearow Weathervane – Costs 500 PM tickets and increases EXP received from level training by 2 x

That’s everything you need to know about how to get PM tickets in Pokemon Quest. We have many more guides for you to check out, so if you’re looking to find out how to evolve Pokémon in Pokémon Quest, head over to our Pokémon Quest Evolution Guide. For information on how to teach Pokémon moves in Pokémon Quest, there’s our Pokémon Quest Move Learning Guide.

how to get free PM tickets, Pokemon Quest cheats pixiegames