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how to get Stardust sources to strengthen your Pokémon pixiegames

1 julio, 2021

Stardust is an often neglected resource in Pokémon Go, with all those yummy treats, definitely not made from Pokémon to deal with, we’ve lined up some tips on how to get Candy, if you’re looking for more on that, but actually play. an extremely central role, and the decisions you make about how you use it will likely be the difference between an average player and the best.

That’s because Stardust is used to evolve and empower your Pokémon, your primary means of making them as strong as possible, as well as trading Pokémon in Pokémon Go, now that it was introduced in the summer of 2018. It is a resource that becomes every Scarce and scarcer as you get to the middle and end of the game, as it becomes increasingly important to empower and evolve whenever possible.

In the same way, it is essential to calculate the maximum CP, the IVs and the general potential strength of your Pokémon that, if Really you want to get the most out of Pokémon Go, it’s a crucial mechanic.

We have a completely separate guide on when to evolve and power up Pokémon, but if you’re looking to earn Stardust quickly, you’ve come to the right place.

The best way to get more Stardust in Pokémon Go


There are several ways to get more Stardust in Pokémon Go, but the fastest and easiest way to do it is to catch Pokémon.

Starting with the February Gen 2 update, you get more Stardust (and Candy) the higher up the evolution chain the wild Pokémon is:

  • First in the chain of evolution: 100 Stardust, 3 Candy
  • Second in the evolution chain: 300 Stardust, 5 Candy
  • Third in the evolution chain: 500 Stardust, 10 Candy

Regardless of what creature you’re capturing, with the relative ease with which you can catch Pokémon in city centers and in any populated area, going out and catching is by far your best option.

Aim for low-level areas to catch the weakest and most common Pokémon – they’re the easiest to get and the fastest, so traversing a field of Pidgeys, Zubats, and Rattatas is your safest bet. You’ll also want to think of ways to find Pokémon faster, like casting lures and incense, so you can get the most out of a quick grind session.

If you think about the numbers, it’s possible to catch around one Pokémon per minute when you actually try – at 100 Stardust per Pokémon, that’s 3,000 Stardust in half an hour of catch, which isn’t bad.

It’s also worth remembering to combine any Stardust quest with seasonal events that can increase drops and encounter rates, like the Thanksgiving update that doubled all Stardust drops for an entire week.

Star Pieces explained


Introduced as part of the Pokémon Go Christmas event in 2017, along with the arrival of 20 more Gen 3 Pokémon, Star Pieces can be purchased in bundles.

Star Pieces are to Stardust what Lucky Eggs are to XP, giving you a 50% increase in Stardust from all sources for the next 30 minutes.

Like lucky eggs, it is wise to wait until the right time before using them. Ideally, wait until you are about to hatch eggs, get a 7-day daily bonus, and go on a catching spree, as well as wait for a double Stardust event to really maximize your earnings.

You can also use them at the same time as Lucky Eggs if you feel like it.

Unlike Lucky Eggs, they appear to be exclusive to the in-game store and bundle, and are not received as part of the level-up. Additionally, they are also likely to only appear temporarily at seasonal events, as with Super Incubators.

Legends season is here! With it comes a level cap increase, including the addition of XL Candy, the Legacy 40 Challenge mission, and improvements to some XP sources: platinum medals, the arrival of Gen 6 Pokémon like Espurr, and changes to the Go Battle League. . seen the addition of red ‘Strange’ eggs and new lineups from Arlo, Cliff, Sierra and Giovanni.

Other ways to get more Stardust in Pokémon Go

The next best alternative to get more Stardust is to hatch Pokémon Eggs. You will earn a variety of Stardust rewards for hatching eggs, depending on the type of egg you open. The 10 km eggs are the most rewarding, handing out around 2000 Stardust when they hatch. However, you will get less for the 2 km and 5 km eggs. If you’re looking for more tips on this, check out our guide to hatching 2km, 5km and 10km eggs and using incubators.

Hatching eggs is undoubtedly the best way to get large chunks of Stardust in one go, but it’s simply a case of time spent making it less of a priority compared to catching Pokémon. While 2000 Stardust is a lovely reward, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get out and walk 10 kilometers in half an hour. Although if you can, congratulations, I envy your resistance!

You can also earn a small amount of Stardust by feeding the creatures as part of the summer 2017 gym remodel. For every Berry you give to a defending Pokémon, you will receive 20 Stardust in return, along with a small amount of Gym Badge. XP and a small chance of Candy.

On the other hand, an update to the game introduced a Pokémon Go daily bonus, whereby you receive 600 Stardust for your first catch of the day, and much more if you catch creatures seven days in a row.

Finally, you can get more Stardust by capturing creatures of a certain type empowered by the boost of the current weather effect, adding an additional 25 Stardust to the 100 you would normally receive.

Additional reporting by Matthew Reynolds.

how to get Stardust sources to strengthen your Pokémon pixiegames