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How to get the new Google widgets for iOS 14 on Android

26 mayo, 2021

With the arrival of widgets to iOS 14 came a very visual one from Google. It is striking that, although it is available for Apple’s operating system, Google has not updated its widget for Android, so there is no official way to put it on our home screen.

As usual, third-party developers have taken care of this, and we can now have the Google widget for iOS on Android. It is a very quick and easy process, although we already anticipate that we will need a payment application to achieve it.

How to install the Google widget for iOS on Android

Google Ios 14 Widget

With iOS 14 comes a new Google widget, which is generally quite popular. It is a box with the search bar, a shortcut to Google Lens, voice commands and incognito browsing all in one. This widget is not available on Android, but the developers have managed to put a solution to it, porting it together with the rest of the widgets that Google has introduced in Android.

To install these widgets we need KGWT, the best widget app. It is paid, but it is worth every euro and it is a great investment to customize the mobile thoroughly

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Twitter user @josiahD has been in charge of creating templates to be able to install these widgets through KGWT. If you do not know this app, you should know that is the best application on Android to install, customize and create widgets And, although it is paid, it is an investment for several years that is completely worth it.

Once KWGT is installed, all we have to do is follow these steps:

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  • Go to the desktop and add a KGWT widget, select a 4×2 space.
  • Click on the empty widget that you have created

How to have iOS 14 widgets on your Android mobile

Screenshot 20200922 083354
  • Click on the folder icon at the top to open the storage
  • Look for the download path, here what you have downloaded from Google Drive has been saved
  • Import the templates (the Google widget is called ‘iOS Cal’)
Screenshot 20200922 083455
  • If the template is not fully adjusted, go to ‘layer’ and change the scale, raising it a little will suffice

For honors, if you want the names of the widgets to appear text in SpanishYou just have to go to ‘Articles’ and, where it says ‘Text’, change the name.

Clever. In this way you can have the Google widgets for iOS 14 installed on your Android. You just need a little patience and follow these steps. The widgets are also customizable being KWGT templates so, doing a little research, you can leave them to your liking.