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How to get to Diamond Island pixiegames

3 julio, 2021

paper mario the origami king how to get to diamond island Paper Mario The Origami King: How to get to Diamond Island

Paper Mario and his friends adventure through different exciting locations in Paper Mario The King Of Origami. One of these places that you will have to get to is Diamond Island, hidden in the Great Sea. To help you, we will show you how to get to Diamond Island here.

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How to get to Diamond Island in Paper Mario The Origami King

Diamond Island is located in the Great Sea area of ​​Paper Mario The Origami King. Heading to the four islands (Spade, Heart, Club, Moon) near the top of the map will allow you to put together a clue as to where you can find Diamond Island. We have marked the exact location on the map below, it is basically right in the middle of the four islands. To get to the island itself, you will need to dive at the place marked on the map, as it is actually completely submerged and hidden under the sea.

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Diamond Island is located between the Circle and Clover Islands. | Jake Green / USG

How to get the diamond key

To enter Diamond Island in the Great Sea, you will need the Diamond Key. This can be found on Mushroom Island, east of Heart Island. It is easy to find and once there you will find Luigi. He will give you the Diamond Key and he will walk away alone for the rest of the game. For a full list of the locations of the game’s 135 collectibles, head here.

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What can you find on Diamond Island?

The main objective of heading to Diamond Island is to collect the three orbs necessary to enter the Tower of the Sea. You will also meet the Ice Vellumental and acquire a new power.

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How to get to Diamond Island pixiegames