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How to go back to a previous version of an app on Android

25 mayo, 2021

Android applications are designed to be easily updated to a higher version. Now, when it comes to want to go back in the version, the matter is no longer so simple.

And if you want use an older version? It is possible, although in this case it is not a matter of pressing a button, but you need to carry out a series of previous steps. We will see what they are, as well as how you can prevent an app from updating automatically.

First, uninstall the current version

The whole system is designed to update applications to later versions and not to previous versions. In fact, if you try to install an older version the one you already have, Android directly won’t let you, giving you the “application not installed” error.

Earlier version This is what happens if you try to install an older version on top: Android won’t let you

Therefore, to install an older version you must first uninstall the current version. In this way, Android does not complain during the installation, although it has the disadvantage that you will lose all your data and settings of said app. Nothing you can do about it, though: apps are designed to import data from earlier versions, but not from later versions.

Apps that you have installed

Two forms Two ways to uninstall an app: from settings (left) and from Google Play (right)

The system is different if an application has been installed by you or if it came pre-installed on your mobile, so we have separated the instructions to avoid confusion. The applications that you have installed are very easy to uninstall. In most launchers, it is possible to do it with a long touch on the app icon.

How to update your Android even if there is no official update

If you have problems finding how to uninstall an application in the customization layer, one way that is the same on all mobiles is to do it from Google Play. Just search for the name of the app and click Uninstall.

Pre-installed apps

System applications, that is, those that came pre-installed with your mobile, cannot be completely uninstalled without root or inventions. What you can do is uninstall your updates, so that they go back to the initial version that came pre-installed.

It is once again possible both from the settings and from Google Play, although doing it from the settings is a bit longer since the option is a bit hidden in several layers. It’s much easier on Google Play, where the process is the same as always, press Uninstall.

Uninstaller Uninstall updates from Google Play

Although at first glance it looks exactly the same as before, the difference comes in the confirmation window. In the pre-installed apps, you are not asked if you want to uninstall the application, but if you want to uninstall “all updates of this application from the system”.

Then install the version you want

After preparing the ground, nothing prevents you from installing the previous version. The only problem will be finding it, well Google Play does not offer previous versions. You must therefore resort to APK repositories such as APK Mirror or UpToDown.

Installrapk Downloading WhatsApp from APKMirror

Without the application installed at that time, or with a very old version of the system, you will not have problems to install this older version as if it were any other app. When installing applications from outside of the store, you may need to enable installation of applications from external sources.


Otherwise, the installation is the same as always. The older version will install without problems. Yes, some apps check if your version is too old and if so they refuse to work until you update them.

Lastly, disable updates

Now that you have managed to install an older version it is important that you prevent Google Play from updating it by itself, ruining all the previous effort. To do so, search for the application on Google Play and tap on the menu button. In the pop-up menu, uncheck Update automatically.


This will keep the old version installed and, in theory, it shouldn’t update itself. If your mobile has another app storeLike Galaxy Store or Huawei App Gallery, it never hurts to repeat the process there to prevent them from updating. In the Samsung store, the process is exactly the same as in Google Play.