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How to have unlimited Google Drive for very little money per month and in a totally legal way

23 mayo, 2021

For many years, Google has given 15 GB free with their accounts. These are shared between Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc, which makes them often fall short, and we need to opt for higher Google One plans. These go from 100 GB for 1.99 euros per month up to 2 TB for 9.99 euros per month.

However, there is a legal and valid method today that allows you to have unlimited Google Drive for just 9.36 euros. The only downside, which at the same time can be an advantage, is that our Google checking account will not be worth us, but we will have to use G Suite, the Google platform for companies (although later we will see how to link both accounts).

Google Drive Unlimited Despite what Google indicates, unique G Suite Business accounts also receive unlimited storage.

Theoretically, with the subscription that gives us unlimited access to Google Drive for 9.36 euros, Business, Google will only give us 1 TB per user if we have less than 5 users. However, today, and for quite some time, in practice Google offers unlimited storage even if our account has only one user. As it is not officially recognized, from Genbeta we cannot assure that the company will offer so much storage in the future, and we are not responsible if conditions change.


What you need to have unlimited Google Drive

Domain To register a G Suite account and its unlimited storage it will be necessary to have or register a domain.

Google offers us a 14-day free trial to test the G Suite Business subscription. Before making the decision to continue after that period, and pay or not, the first thing we will need to be able to create an unlimited Google Drive account is to choose a company name, which can be ours, or the one we choose.

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After giving our data and an email that is not from G Suite, Google will ask us for a domain to register. This will entail an extra cost of 9.36 euros for the subscription. If we already have one of our own, we will not have to pay anything extra. If we do not have a valid domain, Google allows us to register it from the G Suite registration process for 12 euros per year. Thus, the final price of unlimited Google Drive with the domain would be 10.36 euros per month.

After asking us for more information such as address, province, telephone number and the name that we will choose to log in, we will have to choose the payment method, where we will pay the G Suite account and the domain, which can be registered with Google Domains, Enom or GoDaddy.

What can we do with this account, and how to associate shared space with our personal Gmail account

Google drive

The G Suite account that we create will serve us for everything that a personal Gmail or Drive account serves us, with the advantage that we will choose our domain name after the @ in the address. To this is added being able to use, for example, File Stream, which allows us to see all the files that we have in our cloud storage as if it were a local disk.

We can use the unlimited Google Drive space for whatever we want (videos, movies, music, photos, documents), with the good news that we will be the sole owners of the files that we upload, unlike what happens with free or extremely cheap accounts that are sold on the Internet, which usually have administrators such as universities, who can access everything we have stored. Even so, there are tools like rclone or Air Explorer that allow us to encrypt the files before uploading them.

Although Google requires you to have a G Suite account, you can create a Shared Drive or Team Drive to share with your personal Gmail account

Google allows us to upload up to 750GB per day, with a limit of 400,000 files (or folders) per shared drive. That is, in addition to all the files that we can store in our unit, Google allows us to create “places to work as a team”, which allow us to share this space with any Google account. The maximum size per file will be 5 TB.

Shared Account With a shared drive or Team Drive we can invite our personal Gmail account, to have unlimited storage. No extra cost.

A) Yes, inviting our personal Google account, it is possible that we use this unlimited storage also in it, without having to log into the G Suite. We can upload files from both the G Suite account and from the Gmail, as long as we give permissions to do so.

For many people, the cost of 9.36 euros can be high, but remember that having 2 TB with Google One already costs 9.99 euros. With this we also have all the advantages of a corporate account. It is an ideal solution for backing up very large files, with a reputable provider. Of course, do not forget that conditions can change at any time.