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How to have your own animated stickers for Instagram stories

22 mayo, 2021

Almost every month Instagram adds new features to their stories, such as notifications when someone takes screenshots, or new filters and stickers, text stories, and recently they added the ability to add animated GIFs to your stories thanks to the integration with Giphy.

Giphy is one of the largest databases of animated GIFs on the web, and it’s the same service that Twitter and other GIF sharing networks integrate. It is possible to take advantage of this integration to have your own stickers for Instagram stories.

This is how he explains it Nazaret Escobedo on his Twitter account and on his personal site. Nazaret is a graphic designer and illustrator and has a verified account by Giphy, which is important to be able to use your own GIFs.


Add your own GIFs as stickers to a story

When we want to add GIFs to an Instagram story, the first thing to do is create the new story, take the photo or video, and then press the button to add stickers and in the list choose GIF.

This opens the Giphy search engine and here you can enter all kinds of keywords. If you want to use your own animated GIFs as stickers you will need to have a verified artist account on Giphy.

The next thing is to upload to Giphy the GIFs that you want to use in the stories and these must have a transparent background.

Creating an account on Giphy is simple and you can do it using Facebook or your email. To be verified as an artist you must write to the email requesting verification. Nazaret explains that one of the requirements is to upload 10 GIFs to your account, although she was verified with less.

Once you are verified on Giphy you can insert your own stickers in Instagram stories by searching for your username as a keyword. The same goes for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

The detail is obviously that your Giphy account needs to be verified (if you are looking for a username that is not verified as an artist, no results appear), Nazaret explains that they respond immediately and very kindly. But obviously this depends on the content you upload, if you steal someone else’s GIFs and they are not your own like hers, they will not verify you.

The good thing is that you can use this method to directly add stickers from other artists that you already like instead of having to navigate through the gigantic sea of ​​results that Giphy offers.

In the artists section of Giphy you get a lot of top creators who have uploaded some pretty cool GIFs.

Via | Nazaret Escobedo
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