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How to install APK applications on your Android TV, the easiest way

23 mayo, 2021

It does not matter if the device is a television or a multimedia player for TV: if you have Android TV you will also have the Google Play Store. Not only that, you can access the installation of applications in the form of Apk files. This process is not too complicated, although it does require certain steps: we will tell you the easiest way to install applications without the Play Store.

Accessing Google Play, searching for an application and downloading it is something that can be done on most Android mobiles. Also in some TVs and players as long as they have Android TV: having this operating system guarantees a huge number of applications and games. You can even install Apk files just by sending them from mobile to TV: the Send files to TV application greatly guarantees the process. And not only does it open the door to the installation of APKs, Send files to TV is an excellent tool for transferring all kinds of files between TV and mobile.


Send APKs to TV with Send files to TV

Install Aps Android Tv Send Files to TV look on mobile

Android TV can install applications from Google Play and also in APK file format, just like mobile phones. The problem is that you have to upload those files to the device with Android TV; It does not matter whether it is a TV or a player. For this you can use a USB pendrive, also a micro SD card, as long as your TV or player has compatible hardware; or you can use a solution as simple as the one we propose: the app Send files to TV.

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The application we are talking about enables the transfer of all types of files between TV and mobile, whether they are photographs, documents or, as in the case at hand, APKs. The requirement is that Send files to TV must be installed on the mobile and on the device with Android TV; with the obligation that both must connect to the same WiFi network.

Install Aps Android Tv Send Files to TV appearance on TV

The process to install APKs on TV using Send Files to TV is as follows:

  • Install the Send files to TV app on your TV (or player) with Android TV and on your mobile. It’s on Google Play.
  • Install a file manager on your Android TV. We usually recommend File Commander, although almost any other is worth while accessing the package installer (most of them).
  • Download the APK file you want to your mobile.
  • Open Send files to TV on TV and also on mobile. Follow the steps to access the main screen with the ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ in large letters.
Install Aps Android Tv Choose the Android TV to send the file to
  • Press the ‘Send’ of the mobile and look for the APK file. Then select your Android TV.
  • The file will have been sent to your TV or player: by default it will be stored in the ‘Downloads’ folder (‘Downloads’).
Install Aps Android Tv The APK, AnTuTu in this case, is already on the Android TV, inside the ‘Downloads’ folder
  • How to Send files to TV can’t install APKs (at least for now), you have to open the file manager.
  • Find the downloads folder, click on the received APK, accept the installation from unknown sources and install the app.
Install Aps Android Tv When you open the APK with the file manager you can install it

The process seems a bit cumbersome the first time, but the next time you will not need more than to open Send files to TV on your mobile and on TV, send the APK and install it with the file manager. It is the simplest and most universal way to carry out the process since it is valid for any Android TV. In addition, Send files to TV is free, it only has an advertisement and it will help you transfer any other file, not just APKs. It is highly recommended.