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How to install Chrome extensions on Android

27 mayo, 2021

One of the characteristics of desktop browsers like Google Chrome are extensions. Through them, users can add additional functions as a password manager or some system to manage windows. Firefox, Edge, and Chrome (as well as Chromium-based browsers) have their own extension stores, but on Android they are generally not available.

However, and although extensions cannot be added in Chrome for Android, they can be installed in a well-known third-party browser: Kiwi. Developed by arnaud42 (XDA user), Kiwi allows install extensions easily and simply, so let’s see how it’s done.

How to install extensions in Kiwi

First of all, a clarification should be made: not all extensions are compatible with Kiwi. Support is limited to those that don’t use the x86 binary code, so more complex extensions may not be able to install. That said, some of the most popular ones like uBlock Origin or TamperMonkey work without much problem.

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With that said, let’s get started. The first thing is install Kiwi from Google Play. You will find the link at the end of this text. Once installed, open any window and follow these steps:

Extensions 1
  • Press the three dots in the upper right area to open the settings.
  • Select “Extensions”.
  • Click on the text “Google” or click on the three lines in the upper left area and select “Open Kiwi Web Store”. Both accesses lead to the same place: the Chrome extensions store.
Extensions 2
  • Select one of those that appear or search for the one you want to use.
  • Click on it and select “Add to Chrome”. The download will be done automatically.
  • When downloaded, Kiwi will show you the information that the extension can access.
  • Select “OK” and wait a couple of seconds for the installation to complete.

When the installation is finished, you will simply have to click again on the three dots in the upper right area and scroll all the way to the bottom to see that, indeed, the extension is installed. If you click on it you can activate it, manage it or configure it at will.

Extensions 3

And how is it uninstalled? Easy. Type in the search bar “chrome: // extensions“(without the quotation marks), this way you will access the list of all the extensions you have installed. Under each one of them the” Delete “button will appear. Click on it, accept and voila, extension uninstalled.

As you can see, the installation process is quite fast and does not require technical knowledge or anything like that. If you’re interested, Kiwi is completely free And, as we said before, it can be downloaded from Google Play.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser