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how to install extensions from google chrome

26 mayo, 2021

The new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium has been for many people one of the great discoveries of the year in terms of software, so much so that, without having yet reached a stable version, many users already use it as their main browser.

The reason is that in addition to working perfectly in most cases, Microsoft is working a lot on the good foundation that Google offers with Chromium, and even contributing to the project. In addition, many users like its lightness, and among other things, the fact that Edge Chromium has replaced a lot of Google services.

That the transition between browsers is so comfortable and easy is due to the fact that except for Firefox and Safari, most share a base, and that makes Chrome extensions compatible with Microsoft Edge ones. Let’s see how they are installed.

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Install extensions on Edge from Chrome’s huge extension catalog

The first thing to do in Microsoft Edge Chromium to be able to use Google Chrome extensions will be enable compatibility of extensions from other stores. To do this, we will go to the Edge Chromium Extensions settings. Like Chrome, Edge has a three-dot icon in its upper right. When you click on it, a drop-down menu appears that takes us to the following screen:


In it we have to mark “Allow extensions from other stores”. With this, we can go to the Chrome Web Store and install our favorites. The procedure is as simple as in Chrome: we will have to search or click on the extension that we want to install, which will take us to its dedicated website.

Install Extension

Once in it, the classic blue button of “Add to ChromeWhen we click on it, Edge will ask us if we want to add it. After clicking on “Add extension”, it will be added to our browser by means of a download, which at the end, will start an automatic installation.

Disable Extensions

Operation and performance once installed they will be identical to the ones we would have with the same extension in Chrome. If we are interested in disabling the extension, but not uninstalling it permanently, we can do so from the extensions menu where we have previously enabled support for third-party store extensions. To uninstall it completely, you will have to click on “Remove”.