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How to install Fortnite on Android mobiles that are not supported

22 mayo, 2021

Fortnite is one of the games that needs the most hardware requirements to run smoothly, this is the reason why a good part of Android phones get the ‘Device Not Supported’ message when starting their installer. But there is a way to play Fortnite and without installing a modified APK; without this being a guarantee that the game will go smoothly, as is logical.

It is one of the most played ‘battle royale’ worldwide and is present on a multitude of platforms, from consoles to mobile phones. And yes, on Android we can also play it, that Epic Games ended up taking its star creation to Google Play. Now, the number of supported devices is limited because they need decent hardware to run Fortnite. But that’s not why you have to throw in the towel, there are surely ways to install it on your phone.

The version of Fortnite on Google Play is the most compatible

Install Fortnite Unsupported Android Epic Games Installer Notice (Mobile with Snapdragon 450)

Fortnite began its journey on Android being suitable for a few Samsung, all high-end. Epic Games was gradually lowering the requirements while including options to reduce the quality on mobile. And with the introduction of Fortnite on Google Play made the application expand compatibility even if it doesn’t always show up in the store when searching. If you searched for the game and it was not available, you can still install it.

How to download apps from Google Play that are not available in your country with the Aurora Store

There are modified APKs to make access to the game almost universal, but We do not recommend using them due to the risk that Epic Games ‘ban’ your Fortnite account. In return we will use the official Google Play app, although we will not download it from there: to install the game we will use the Aurora Store.

Aurora is a development that brings all the advantages of Google Play without the need to have the official Google store installed. This allows from the downloading apps to mobiles that do not have Google services to install applications that do not appear in the user’s country. Or, as in our case, it enables the download of applications that are not compatible with the phone. Let’s see how.

  • Download Aurora Store (not Aurora Droid) from its official page. It is an APK file, you will have to install it manually.
  • Open the Aurora store and accept the storage permission. The store needs to save the files you download.
  • Sign in as anonymous on Google Play. You can also log in with your account, Aurora does not record your data.
  • Search for ‘Fortnite’ in the search bar, You should see the official Epic Games game.
  • Download the application and install it after authorizing Aurora as an APK installer.
  • Start Fortnite, register your Epic Games account and download the almost 4 GB it weighs.
Install Fortnite Unsupported Android Installation and startup of Fortnite from Aurora Store (mobile with Snapdragon 450)

We have tested this method on several phones that appeared to us as not compatible with the official Epic Games installer, mobiles in which Fortnite did not come out when searching directly in Google Play. We have even been able to play on an Android with a Snapdragon 450 processor, Qualcomm’s low-end. It does not work on SoCs with 32-bit architecture: Fortnite is a 64-bit app. What’s more, you may not be able to install it if your Android has less than 4 GB of RAM (Epic Games specifies as a minimum).

The experience playing Fortnite on an unsupported mobile can be bad, you must take that into account

Like is logic, that you can install the official Fortnite application does not mean that the game is going well on your mobile: The fps may be so low that playing it is torture. Even so, there is always the option of marking the minimum quality: from our experience, a minimum gaming experience is usually obtained.