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How to install Google Chrome on a TV with Android TV

25 mayo, 2021

Until not too long ago, a television was a screen with which you could access television broadcasts and various content in physical format connecting a video player. With the popularization of the Internet, and also of streaming, television brands diversified their capabilities by turning them into Smart TVs: from dumb box they went to smart TV. And with that came their own operating systems and also adaptations, such as Android TV.

Google developed an adapted version of Android for televisions to facilitate access to streaming services and applications. Thanks to this, manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, Panasonic, HiSense and many other brands, in addition to players such as the Xiaomi Mi Box S or the Nvidia Shield TV, had access to endless possibilities thanks to the apps. This also applies to web browsers, although with a clear absent: Google Chrome.

As strange as it may seem, especially in the case of the effort that Google has put in that Chrome is everywhere, the web browser is not available in the Android TV Play Store. This implies that it cannot be installed on televisions (or compatible players), a drawback that detracts from the big screen. Although there are very simple ways to install Google Chrome.


Download and install the APK

Google Chrome Android TV

As much as Android TV is designed for televisions, the system is still Android; so it not only allows the installation of applications from the Google Play Store, also from APK files. Of course, the process is a bit more cumbersome than installing one of those APKs on your mobile.

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To simplify the process of install Google Chrome on Android TV we will use two applications: the file manager File Commander (to install the Apk) and the launcher Sideload Launcher (to open Google Chrome). Both are reliable, secure applications and do not exceed the permissions. You can download them below.

File Commander

File Commander

        Sideload Launcher

Sideload Launcher

When you have the two apps on your Android TV, it’s time to start the process of installing Google Chrome:

  • Download the browser in APK. It is best to install one of the latest versions, for example from Apk mirror.
  • Once you have Google Chrome in the form of Apk upload the file to your Drive account. It is recommended to upload it to the root folder (the home folder).
  • Open File Commander on your Android TV and log in to the Google Drive section.
  • When you have logged in with your Google account, go to the APK file that you uploaded and click on it: File Commander will ask you if you want to download it. You accept.
  • Once downloaded, click on ‘Install’. You will have to accept the permission to install files from outside of Google Play.
  • When you have installed Google Chrome on your Android TV it will already be available to work, but it will surely not appear among the installed applications since you did not download it from Google Play. To access it you only need launch it from the Sideload Launcher app, that you should already have it installed.
Google Chrome Android Tv Using Google Chrome on the Nvidia Shield TV thanks to the gamepad

Although Google Chrome is not specifically designed for Android TV, its operation is almost perfect: you will not notice too many differences with the desktop or mobile browser. Yes there is a drawback: not 100% adapted to control by the TV remote control (or from the Android TV player). This is solved by connecting a mouse, both wireless and via USB cable. In addition, you can control the cursor on the screen with a physical game controller (we recommend it).