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How to install ‘Precision Touchpad’ on your Windows 10 laptop and have a well-functioning touchpad

27 mayo, 2021

One of the pending subjects of laptops with Windows has always been the precision and operation of touchpads and trackpads, especially when compared to Apple’s MacBooks. However, with the arrival of Windows 10 a lot has improved, but not everyone can enjoy those improvements.

If you have a laptop from before 2017, the chances are that your team has support for ‘Precision Touchpad‘are not the highest. This technology was introduced by Microsoft to improve the touchpad with Windows 10, but it was not made mandatory until this year. If you don’t have precision drivers on your laptop, you are missing quite a bit, but luckily this has a solution.


Check your current drivers

If you have a laptop that you already use Synaptics or Elan touchpad drivers, you can update those drivers with Precision Touchpad and start enjoying a precision touchpad in Windows 10 with the consequent additional functions and improved experience that this entails.

The guides that were initially published on Reddit and later on Windows Central explain that it works on several specific computers, we at Genbeta have tested on a Lenovo laptop and an Asus laptop, both from before 2015 and the process has worked perfectly. You just have to try yours.

Touch Panel Configuration Touchpad setup without Precision Touchpad

Most Windows laptops use Elan or Synaptics drivers, to verify which ones your computer uses just open the Device administrator. To do this, right click on the start button and select the menu option.

Device Manager 2017 08 28 14 42 53

Once you open the window of the Device administrator Look in the list for “Mice and other pointing devices.” If the name of the manufacturer of the drivers is not shown directly, right click on the results and then on Properties. There you will know if you have Synaptics or Elan drivers.

Download and Install Precision Touchpad Drivers in Windows 10

The Microsoft precision touch panel drivers they are offered by Lenovo for Synaptics and by Softpedia for Elan. Click on the one that corresponds to you to download the .ZIP file.

Once the drivers are downloaded, extract the contents of the archive into a folder of your choice and remember the location. Open the Device administrator, navigate to your current controller, right-click on it, and press Update driver.

Update Driver

In the next window choose Search your computer for driver software:

Update Lenovo Pointing Device Drivers 2017 08 28 14 48 31

Now instead of choosing a location and browsing, click below on Choose a list of drivers available on your computer.

Update Lenovo Pointing Device Drivers 2017 08 28 14 49 33

There you will see a list of compatible hardware. You must click on Disk…

Update Lenovo Pointing Device Drivers 2017 08 28 14 49 50

A pop-up window will appear to choose the installation disc. Click on Examine…

Update Lenovo Pointing Device Drivers 2017 08 28 14 50 10

And now choose the file Autorun.inf that is inside the driver files that you have already extracted on your disk. Click on To open.

Search Archive 2017 08 28 14 50 49

Select the device model again and click Next to begin the installation.

Update Lenovo Pointing Device Drivers 2017 08 28 14 52 16

You will receive the driver update warning and you must check Yes in order to continue with the installation. At this point if you have fear or concern, it would be nice if you took the precaution of creating a restore point in case something goes wrong, but the process is pretty harmless.

Update Lenovo Pointing Device Drivers 2017 08 28 14 52 48

Depending on your hardware, the touchpad may stop working after the installation is complete, so everything will go back to normal and Windows 10 detects that you have a precision touch panel, you must restart the computer.

Update Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers 2017 08 28 14 53 37

Now when you open the Setting Windows and go to the section Devices > Touch panel You’ll see a new set of options and gestures that you can configure to better control your Windows 10 laptop.

Precision Touch Panel Touchpad setup with Precision Touchpad

There you can learn more about the features, turn some on and off, and even configure others the way you like. We hope this makes your life a little better.

Precision Touchpad Precision touch panel configuration Windows 10

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