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How to install the FNMT digital certificate in Firefox

25 mayo, 2021

A digital certificate, also called electronic certificate, is a computer file that helps us to reliably identify ourselves as a specific individual or a company. It is electronically signed by a certification service provider recognized as an authority, such as the National Currency and Stamp Factory in Spain, and it is installed in browsers to be used.

This time we are going to explain how to install the FNMT digital certificate in Firefox. A simple process, at least in principle, as long as we know the exact steps we must take to achieve our goal.

Step by step to install the FNMT digital certificate in Firefox

Before starting the process, it is important to note that both the Tax Agency and the National Currency and Stamp Factory itself remind us that to import a certificate in Firefox the backup must have been made with a password backup.

This will be the case when at the time of exporting the certificate a password was assigned and the space for this key was not left blank. The requirement will vary from the Mozilla browser version installed, but it must be taken into account. With that said, let’s go through the step by step.

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Firefox will also get rid of the annoying notifications that request permissions on the web

To access the Mozilla Firefox certificate store we will do the following:

  • Access to Menu (three horizontal lines located in the upper right part of the window)> Options > Privacy & Security (section that we access from the left column> section Certificates > click the button See certificates.

  • Once in the certificates window, we will click on the tab Your certificates and we will click on the button to import.

  • At this point, we will look for the location of the copy of the certificate that we want to install in Firefox, we select it and accept it, inserting the master password of the browser (if we have one) and if we do not insert one that we will have to type again when we use these options and finally we confirm.

  • We will insert one more password, the one that protects the backup copy of the certificate, and that’s it.

If everything has gone as it should, we will have to successfully install the digital certificate of the FNMT in our Firefox browser; the message “Your security certificate (s) and private key (s) have been successfully restored” will confirm it to us.