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How to install the new Google TV interface on an Android TV

24 mayo, 2021

Do you want to have the new Google TV interface on your TV or player with Android TV? Well you can install it with a few steps so enjoy their recommendations, the new style and also the integrated search in all applications: we explain how.

Google introduced new mobile devices last week, also for the home. Yes, the Pixels got most of the attention, also the new Nest Audio smart speaker, but there was an HDMI that represents a great evolution within the company’s connected devices: the new Chromecast with Google TV. Bring together the best of Google Chromecasts and the best of Android TV, all within the same device with remote control and new control interface. Precisely, this interface can be put on the current Android TV, in this way it is possible to receive a large part of the news of the newly released device. Let’s see how.


Replace the launcher of your Android TV with the one of Google TV

Google Tv Android Tv

To have the new system interface for TVs and home players you need to change the serial launcher for the new one from Google TV. For this, it is not enough to install the Apk since the interface would not appear only with this gesture: you have to uninstall the default launcher and replace it with the new one, a process that can be carried out by wireless ADB.

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We have installed the new Google TV launcher on our Nvidia Shield TV without any complications, although this is not without risk: you must bear in mind that maybe on your Android TV it doesn’t work as it should. In addition, and since the elimination of the original launcher through ADB comes into play (it can be recovered with another command), your TV or player could stop working. Take it into account before taking a risk.

To carry out the process you need the Google TV launcher and the updated search app. As detailed by How to geek, and we have verified on our device, the following process must be carried out:

  • If you didn’t already have it, download the TV File Commander file manager on your Android TV.
  • Make sure your Android TV and the device where you downloaded the Apk files are connected to the same WiFi.
Game Pass Android Tv
  • Open File Commander and click on ‘File transfer to PC’.
  • Click on the big ‘On’ button and type the URL in the browser of the device where you downloaded the Apks.
Game Pass Android Tv
  • Go to the download folder of your Android TV (or any other, at your choice) and upload the files.
  • Go back to the TV File Commander of your Android TV, enter ‘Internal storage’, go to the folder where the Apks are and install them. You will have to accept the installation From Unknown Sources.
  • Once you have installed the files, touch remove the default launcher from your Android TV. Go to its settings, go to ‘Device Preferences’, go to ‘Information’ and click repeatedly on ‘Build number’ until the developer options are activated.
  • Go to ‘Status’ (within ‘Information’) and write down the IP address of your Android TV.
Google Tv Android Tv
  • Go back with the remote control and enter the new options for developers.
  • Activate the ‘Network debugging’ and you will have everything ready to connect via ADB with your Android TV. In the event that ‘USB debugging’ does not appear active: in this way it is also activated wirelessly.
  • Install the Remote ADB Shell application on your mobile or tablet and open it.
  • Enter the IP address you wrote down, the one that corresponds to your Android TV (do not touch the port). Remember that all devices have to be connected to the same WiFi.
Google Tv Android Tv
  • Accept the permission for network debugging: it will appear on your TV screen.
  • Now copy this code “pm uninstall –user 0” (without the quotes) and paste it into Remote ADB Shell, on mobile. You accept.
Google Tv Android Tv
  • The default Android TV launcher installation will have been removed. This does not go away: it will be active again if you restore your device.
  • Once the ADB instruction has been completed, press the start button on your Android TV remote control and you will see that the new Google TV interface loads. It may take a few seconds.

It is a somewhat long and cumbersome process, but not difficult: with these steps you will have the new interface of Android television devices active. You will have the recommendations, the new channels grouped by themes, you will be able to search in all the applications with Assistant and the upper navigation tabs will also appear. The only thing that does not change is the settings menu since it is not part of the launcher.

Google Tv Android Tv 6

By last, you can recover the original launcher of your Android TV without having to do a system format: just carry out the above process by sending the code “cmd package install-existing” via ADB. With that you will restore the serial interface.

Via | How to geek