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How to install Windows 7 from a USB disk

27 mayo, 2021

If you have managed to download Windows 7 or you are in it, as is my case, the moment of its installation will come soon. If the computer on which we want to install it has an optical drive of DVD we will only have to burn the downloaded disk image and start the computer with it.

But what about those computers that do not have a DVD? This is the case with many ultraportables and other machines that no longer come with it. If we do not have an external reader, we can always use a USB disk. Therefore, we want to explain how to prepare and use this album to install windows 7.


Installing Windows 7 from a USB disk

We are going to do it assuming that we have an installation of Windows XP or Windows Vista and from a disk USB 4 GB (or more, at least as big as the Windows 7 image, which is 2.5 GB in the case of the 32-bit one), the contents of which we are not interested in, since we are going to eliminate them.

All ready? Well let’s get to it. The first thing is to connect the disk USB to our computer. Once this is detected, we open the command line (remember Start »Run» cmd) and, from there, we execute the application diskpart. Here we must be careful, because we are going to play with the partitions and disks and, if we make a mistake, we can load all our data. A little eye will be enough to do nothing wrong.

The application diskpart allows us to create partitions on our disks. It is not the only one, but it is simple enough and is available in both systems. Once started, we must check which is our disk USB with the order list disk, which will show us a list of all those connected to our computer.

DISKPART> list disk

Disk ### State Free Size Din. Gpt

———— ————— ———- ———- —- —-

Disk 0 On screen 37 GB 0 B

Disk 1 On screen 4118 MB 4118 MB

In my case it is disk 1, as I can see from its capacity. Knowing that, we select it with

select disk 1

and we remove everything in it with the order


Once empty, it is time to create a partition, with

create partition primary

and activate it, with a couple of orders,

select partition 1

Once this is done, we format it with

format fs = fat32

and we give it a unit name and come out with


We are now ready to copy all the data to the USB. To do this, we must, first, mount the image ISO as another unit, which we can do with an application like Virtual CD ROM Control Panel or with Daemon Tools. Everything is ready for the copy. Assuming the unit of DVD is the D: and the disk drive USB is E: we will execute the following command (change them if necessary):

xcopy d: *. * / s / e / fe:

We already have our album USB ready for install windows 7. We just have to restart the computer and modify the boot options of the BIOS to do it from this, an option that will vary depending on the manufacturer of our computer and that, many times, you can select directly during startup.

With this method we will install Windows 7 from scratch, probably forcing us to delete everything on our hard drive. Soon we will tell you how to install Windows 7 with our current operating system.

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