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How to keep track of battery charge cycles on Android

26 mayo, 2021

Smartphone batteries, no matter how much we weigh, are consumable items. They have a certain useful life and, after this, performance starts to decline and autonomy is less. It is a question of chemistry and, unfortunately, with current Lithium-Ion batteries, little or nothing can be done to prevent this deterioration. All batteries are doomed to have to be changed at some point.

The useful life of a battery is usually measured in charge cycles, which are completed when the battery is 100% discharged. In other words:

  • You have 100% battery.
  • Downloads up to 25%, that is, you spend 75%.
  • You load 75% and put it back to 100%.
  • Downloads up to 75%, that is, you spend 25%.
  • The sum of the expenses (second and fourth points) is 100%, that is, a cycle is completed.

It is not an exact science and therefore there are no official figures, but it is assumed that the performance of a battery starts to decrease after 300-500 cycles. It is the same as saying that the battery will have optimal performance for a year and that, from going, things will go less and less.

Measuring cycles is possible, as long as you use an app

Android Charging Cycles

Unlike what happens on iPhones, in Android it is not possible to know the charge cycles that a battery carries on its back. You could do it by writing down in an Excel how much you have charged the phone each time you have plugged it in since you took it out of the box, but it is a bit tedious and there are applications that already do it for you. Simply put, the only thing you can do is keep track of the cycles you do from now on.

For that you can use an application like Charge Cycle Count. It is completely free and can be found on Google Play. Its operation is as simple as open it and forget about it until you want to check the cycles you have. It cannot measure the cycles previously performed due to Android limitations, but it has a small access that can help you at least have a rough idea.

Every time you discharge the battery to 100% a cycle is completed

If your phone is four months old and we assume you charge it daily, you will have done 4 x 30 = 120 charge cycles approximately. Go to the app settings, select “add cycles” and add 120. Now the app will add to those 120 the cycles that you do since its installation and you will be able to have a more or less accurate idea of ​​the health of your battery. It is important to note that it only works with the phone on, so all the cycles you do with the paid mobile will not be counted.

As a final recommendation and in order to maintain the battery well, it is best to always keep it between 40 and 80% of its capacity and calibrate it from time to time. If upon reaching 300 cycles you notice a significant drop in performance, consider changing it at the official repair service. It is usually cheaper than buying another mobile.

Charge Cycle Battery Stats

Charge Cycle Battery Stats1.1.6.0