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How to know if an Apk application is safe or has been modified

26 mayo, 2021

Android It is an operating system that has many qualities despite the fact that it shares many aspects with most systems, even those of the competition. But if there is something that always made Android key, that was freedom, both when it comes to customizing devices and installing applications. Do you want to download apps and games from sites other than the Google Play Store, the official store of the system? There is no problem. Of course, be very careful with those applications.

The Apk files They are the Android applications compressed and ready to be installed on the system. They can come from anywhere, but the usual thing is that they are the same that anyone can download from Google Play. Although yes, there is a notable risk that said Apk files have been modified to introduce malware (malicious elements) or adware (injection of advertising). Therefore, it is advisable to always make sure before installing any Apk: must be safe and unmodified.

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Check that the signature corresponds to the original app

Signature Checker Android Apps

All Android applications are signed by the developer. This implies that each app and game that is distributed through the Google Play Store include a signature or certificate which makes it recognizable in the event of any doubt of authenticity. At the moment in which the application is modified (to introduce malware, adware or to alter its operation) said application cannot be signed with the original certificate, so he loses his identity code. And it is the best weapon to know if a downloaded Apk is reliable or not.

Only the original developer can sign their applications, so by checking the signature it is known if the Apk is authentic

Before you install any Apk file that you have downloaded we recommend that you you check its authenticity, especially if the site you downloaded it from is not 100% reliable. One way to verify the signature is to do it through Apk Pure:

  • Access the Apk Pure signature checker.
  • Upload your Apk. Whether you have it on your mobile or on your computer, but it is recommended upload the application via WiFi. The limitation of the file to check is 100 MB.
  • Apk pure will tell you if the signature of the uploaded app matches the original app’s certificate. In the case that it is authentic, you can install the application on your mobile with the same peace of mind as if you downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

Aurora Store, an alternative door to the Play Store to download applications without Google services

Remember that, although the app is authentic, that does not mean that it stops having problems: as you well know, dubious software also sneaks into the Google Play Store. Hence, we recommend that you take a second step.

Check that the Apk is safe


With the previous step it is possible check the authenticity of the application, but there will always be a risk that it contains some kind of malware. So nothing like passing a Total Virus to make sure: this way almost all problems are avoided.

To see how safe an Apk is, you can do the following:

  • Access this link from Virus Total. It is a secure website and owned by Google.
  • Upload your Apk file. The limit is 550 MB.
  • Virus Total will scan the file using dozens of antivirus engines. In the event that you do not find any risk, you can safely install the file. And if problems appear, it is best to discard the Apk.

With the two steps listed you can make almost 100% sure that the Apk files you downloaded are safe and reliable. There is no complete security since there is always room for error, but, at least in this case, it is minimal. Of course, we recommend downloading the applications from Google Play, always making sure that permits and developers are guaranteed.