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How to know if Facebook has stored your call and SMS history

24 mayo, 2021

These are bad times for Facebook. When it has not yet recovered from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, now another storm is looming over the social network: Facebook has stored in some cases a detailed history of calls and SMS Android users.

It all started with this tweet in which a user discovers part of his call history and SMS the backup of his Facebook data. That has made many users wonder if Facebook also has your data saved.

Does Facebook have my call log?

Continuous synchronization

Facebook has posted an update on their blog stating that the call and SMS log is a optional function of Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger. The option of Continuous synchronization of contacts: you are asked the first time you open Facebook Messenger with a window like the one in the previous screenshot.

Technically, if you never activated the continuous synchronization of contacts, Facebook should not have your call log, but when it comes to Facebook, I do not blame you if you are suspicious. If you want to make sure, you can follow the same path as in the original tweet that sparked the controversy: download your Facebook backup.


You have all the necessary steps to download a backup copy of your Facebook here, but in essence you must go to this page and press Download a copy. You must enter your password and when your copy is ready an email will be sent to you with the download link. It is a ZIP file that can be several gigabytes in size, as it includes all the photos and videos that you have uploaded to the network.


Unzip the ZIP in a folder on your PC (be careful, it may take a while) and then open the file contact_info.htm, included inside the folder html. This file contains all the contact data that Facebook has collected since you first created your account, and call and SMS logs are also included, if you activated them.


If this page appears to you emptyCongratulations, Facebook has absolutely no contact information stored. A common case is that it only appears to you a contact list, each with an email address or phone number. This means that at some point you synchronized your contacts with the social network, something that was “normal” years ago to be able to find your friends.

If it does not appear anywhere SMS and calls, then Facebook does not have this information in its database, which seems to be the most common scenario among those who have checked their Facebook log.

How to delete call and SMS history from Facebook

If you don’t like what you saw in your Facebook download, you have two options at your disposal according to Facebook itself. First, you can go to this Facebook page and press Delete all. This will delete all the contacts and additional information that Facebook has stored on its servers. This will erase the information already stored but will not prevent further collection.

Get rid of

If you want to completely delete the call and SMS history and prevent it from being collected, you must do it from the application Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite. You must tap on your profile picture until the menu opens and then tap on People. Finally, tap on Synchronize contacts and disable the option.


According to Facebook, disable continuous syncing of contacts the previous record will also be erased and further information will be prevented from being sent. You must, of course, repeat this process on all the devices on which you use that Messenger account.

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