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How to know my phone number on Android

21 mayo, 2021

Generally you do not call yourself and therefore it is possible that you do not have your own phone number in your contacts or that you don’t even remember what it is. This is especially common if you’ve just changed your number … or if you have a very bad memory.

In this article we will see several methods to find out what your phone number is If you have an Android mobile, and it is that sometimes something so that it seems so simple is much more complicated than we would like.

Option 1: From settings

There is an “official” way to see your phone number on Android, although it has the downside that it doesn’t always work. Considering that it is something simple and that you can try yourself, it is worth it to be the first thing you try.

First of all, you must open the Settings app the system, from the app drawer. The location of the section where the phone number is displayed has changed in the latest versions of Android and is different in different layers of customization. In the latest versions of Android, it is in the Information section, above all.


On previous versions and in other layers of Android customization, the setting is found in the System section, phone information, status, SIM status and, finally, Phone number. If you have problems finding the option, it is best to use the settings finder at the top of the window.

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Option 2: On WhatsApp (or other apps)

It may seem absurd, but to sign up for WhatsApp and other similar apps, you need to use your phone number, so it stays there registered even if you forget it. In the case of WhatsApp, it is especially quick and easy to see your phone number.

There are a total of three steps required. Open WhatsApp and tap on the Settings menu, then tap on your own profile picture to open your user profile and there you will find your phone number, at the bottom.


Of course this it only works if you have already configured WhatsApp in advance with this phone number, so it won’t always be helpful. However, considering the popularity of WhatsApp, it is worth keeping in mind.

Option 3: with someone’s help


If none of the above methods worked for you and you don’t want to waste any more time with the matter, a recurring method is call someone else and tell you your phone number even if they don’t have you on their contact list.

This has the downside that, normally, it costs you money, although if you know of someone who has your phone number saved in your contacts, you can ask him to send you your phone number by asking him, for example, on WhatsApp, thus saving you the call.

Other options

Simyo Another option is to use your operator’s control panel

None of the above methods have worked for you and you still don’t know your own phone number? We leave you then a list of ideas and different techniques that you can use to get to the bottom of the matter:

  • Use your operator’s control panel, if you have. Your phone number is usually specified there.
  • Call your operator. They may be able to give you the data if you are able to provide enough personal data to prove that it is indeed you.
  • Search your own contacts. It is possible that you added your own number and you don’t remember.
  • Find the original packaging of your SIM card, if you still have it.
  • Check your email: it is possible that sooner or later you will fill it out in a form or when making a reservation, and it is specified in an email that you have sent or received.