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How to know on Spotify which are the songs and artists that you have listened to the most in 2020

23 mayo, 2021

With the arrival of December 2020 we see how all the services that we use on a day-to-day basis begin to launch the lists of the most listened to during the year (yes, although in this month until January 2021 everything can still change a lot) . This year has not been normal, and our musical tastes and behaviors may have changed a lot.

To see the effects (or not effects) of the pandemic on us, Spotify has launched its annual Spotify Wrapped, 2020 edition. As far as we have been able to verify, this year we can see our most listened songs from the desktop application or the web, but To see the personalized summary that Spotify makes us by most listened to artists, genre and others, you will have to go to the mobile application, that is, iOS or Android. From the PC, you can check all that you have heard the most from this link.

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Spotify Wrapped 2020 is once again based on the fashion format, stories

Wrapped 2020

Spotify Wrapped 2020 continues on iOS and Android the path it took in 2019, and presents our list of the most listened to throughout 16 stories. We can access them from the “Start” tab of the application, where “2020 in summary” and the “button” appear.What have you been listening to in 2020We can share each of these stories individually on social networks.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly prominent, and this year they have an important role in Wrapped.

In those same stories we are also given the option to add the list “Your favorite songs in 2020” to our library. In it we will find our 100 most listened songs this year. Additionally, Spotify has also created the list “Successes that have escaped you“, where they detail widely listened songs that we notice listened in our account.

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Spotify Wrapped

This year the penalty is that from the desktop application we can only see the playlist, and in fact, on the web it warns of this “Download the Spotify application to see it”. To see the list from the desktop, we can go, for example, to the section “created for you”.