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How to know the IMEI of my mobile and what it is for

21 mayo, 2021

All the Android mobiles in the world, all without exception, have an IMEI that identifies them. A 15-digit code that makes it unique and has a lot of value: from being able to locate it in case of theft and block it remotely, to processing a guarantee through the official technical service of the manufacturer of our smartphone. It is not necessary that you memorize it, but it is convenient that we have it at hand or, as we will explain now, know where to find it.

You never know when do we have to process a guarantee Or, for example, join the beta program to test a software update ahead of time. With this tutorial we will explain the different ways to identify your IMEI, what it is used for and why it is important to have it on hand.

The simplest way: look in the box

Xiaomi boxes

If you have your android box By hand, it is very likely that on the back of this you will find the serial number of the terminal and the IMEI, or the IMEI, in plural, if it is a phone with a dual SIM slot. It is important to differentiate between the serial number that is the one applied by the manufacturer and, on the other hand, the IMEI, which is an international coding that affects any device and, therefore, is a unique value.

How to block a mobile by IMEI and what it is for

If you have a dual SIM terminal you will see that two IMEIs appear, each of them refers to the two slots (usually marked as SIM 1 and SIM 2) that the phone has to use telephony cards. As they are dual terminals, that is, the two cards can be used at the same time, they are required to have independent IMEIs so that there are no problems with identification.

In terminals that have a removable battery as well you can see the IMEI in the guts of the phone. It depends on each mobile but the normal thing is that this code is hidden under the battery. We just have to remove it and write down the code. These are the first two possibilities, there are still two more to be seen with which we are sure not going to fail.

Looking on Android: * # 06 # or in the Settings menu

Imei Phone

If you cannot find the box of your mobile or you do not have it at hand, there are two more options that are inside the phone itself. To see the IMEI on Android, just have it turn on and work properly. We do not need you to have a connection of any kind or install extra applications. The easiest way is to open the phone app and press the combination * # 06 # so that it appears to you as in the image you see above these lines.

The easiest way to check the IMEI of your mobile is to open the phone app and press the combination * # 06 #

On most Android phones the IMEI appears automatically when we press the second pad. If not, please press the call key to show it.

Second we have the option to go to the menu Mobile settings and within the section ‘About this phone’ (normally it is one of the last options) we will find a section where it will show us the IMEI. You can see what it would be like on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 here below.


As you can see, it is not complicated and it does not require any type of additional configuration nor do you have to memorize difficult combinations to access it. As long as we are clear about how it goes, the next time they ask us for the IMEI we already know where we have it. Just in case, keep a copy written on paper or in a document that you can access from any device (such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive) in case your terminal is stolen.

What can we do with the IMEI?

As we have explained above, the IMEI is a unique fifteen-digit code. Your mobile has one of its own and no one else in the world can have it the same. This string of numbers is used primarily to identify a terminal when it connects to a mobile network. The IMEI information is recorded in the hardware so hacking this information is very complicated.

My mobile has been stolen: complete guide to know what to do and how to avoid it

If we lose a mobile and want to block it, we will need to know the IMEI to file the complaint and lock the phone. Blocked IMEIs are shared via lists to prevent someone who has stolen our mobile from using it with another SIM card on a different network.

Yes indeed, Doing so does not mean that the mobile is blocked worldwide. In fact, according to the GSMA, only 44 countries were collaborating on Device Check in 2016 (the latest data available), so the rest could be used without any restrictions.

Face to arrange a warranty with the manufacturer of our mobile, it is very likely that they will ask us for the IMEI to verify the data, but normally each company has its own serial number system to identify terminals. Have both at hand so that you do not have to contact them again when managing the process.