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How to know the MAC address of an Android mobile

26 mayo, 2021

The MAC address is a unique identifier for a network device, sometimes also known as the physical address. Although there are ways to change it (Android 10 allows it from the factory for the Wi-Fi MAC address), the idea is that they serve as a kind of “license plate” for the connection, so that you can use it, for example, to allow or deny access to the Wi-Fi network to certain devices.

On Android mobiles, all types of connection have their own identifier. The modem for the data connection has a unique IMEI, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection have a MAC address. Some mobiles even have a MAC address for the Ethernet connection, via USB OTG accessories. We will see how to see all of them.

The MAC address of the Wi-Fi in Android

The MAC address of the Wi-Fi network is one of the easiest to consult, since its data is included in the vast majority of mobiles from the settings. In the past it was common to find it next to the IMEI on the sticker in the battery compartment, but today we have to settle for a sticker on the mobile box.

What is the MAC address of your computer, mobile or any device

If you have long since thrown the box away, there is no problem. To vary, the position of the menu may vary from one layer to another, but in the vast majority of cases they are found in the Android settings, within Phone information. There you will find the Wi-Fi MAC address as a twelve-digit hex code.

Huyawei The steps in a Huawei mobile, although they are almost the same in other brands

A peculiarity of the Wi-Fi MAC address is that the latest version of Android lets you change it as a privacy measure, although this is not possible on all mobiles. It is necessary that the hardware also includes the bracket.

The MAC address of Bluetooth on Android

When connecting our mobile to other devices via Bluetooth, we can give it a normal name such as “Ivan’s mobile”, but internally it still has a unique identifier, the MAC address of the Bluetooth driver.

This identifier can be somewhat more elusive, although most layers include it in the same place as the Wi-Fi MAC address. Please note that due to changes in Android, third-party apps can’t get this identifier, so apps like Bluetooth Mac Address show wrong data.

The exact name of the menus may vary, but generally you will have to go to the Android settings, then enter the System section and / or Phone information. There should appear to you Bluetooth MAC address Or simply Bluetooth address.

Addressb The direction of Bluetooth in a mobile with pure Android

It’s necessary that Bluetooth connection is active at that time for the data to be displayed, otherwise what will be displayed there is the text “not available”. If it is active but still does not appear, try making your mobile visible in Bluetooth.

The Ethernet MAC address

But wait, there is still more. With an adapter like this and a mobile that supports it, it is possible to connect the mobile to the Internet via a lifelong network cable. In this case, said connection has its own MAC address, and you can also check it from your mobile.

This MAC address is more difficult to find -because it only interests in compatible mobiles- but generally you will find it together with the other two. That is, in Settings> About phone> Status or analogous menu. If you can’t find the option, use the search box at the top.

Condition The Ethernet MAC address on a Samsung mobile

As with other addresses, this MAC address will not be displayed unless it is currently active. Otherwise, the text is indicated Not available.