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How to know what my IP is

24 mayo, 2021

It is one of the basic elements when it comes to talking about the internet, totally necessary so that the network itself has proof of who we are. The IP address is our virtual “DNI” when it comes to identifying ourselves on the network, and there are public and private.

As they are necessary to surf the net, any user connected to the Internet has their own IP address. Regardless of the operating system you use, it is possible to know this address, so we are going to show you the simplest methods to do it.

How to view your IP address in Windows

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The Windows 10 settings menu It is the fastest and most accessible method to know our IP. Once we enter it, we only have to access, first, the “Networks and Internet” section. From here, we will choose the type of connection that we are using (WiFi or Ethernet), in order to select our network. Within the menu of our network we will see various data, among which is the IP address.

How to see your IP address in macOS

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To see our IP address in macOS, we have to go to “system preferences”, where we can find the “Network” section. As soon as you enter this menu, in the “Status” section, a message will appear saying the WiFi network to which we are connected, as well as our IP address. the story of how it became the gateway address to our routers

How to see your IP address on Android

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In the Google operating system we also have the possibility to see our IP address. As in desktop operating systems, this address can be found in the device settings. Specifically, it is located in the “Status” section, which ** is located within “About phone”. Depending on your customization layer, this option will be higher or lower, but you can always find it in the main settings.

Once you click on “Status”, you will be able to know your IP address, as well as relevant information about your IMEI, phone number, or the WiFi MAC address itself.

How to see your IP address on iOS


iOS is a closed system, but it does not put us too many obstacles when it comes to consulting our IP address in a simple way. In this case, we must go to the WiFi settings. To get to them, we open the main settings and go to “WiFi”. Once inside, you will see an “i” next to the network name, relative to “info”. After clicking on it, we will see the data of our connection, including the IP address.

What is the MAC address of your computer, mobile or any device

How to view your public IP address

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In the above examples We have seen how to know the IP assigned by the router within our private local network. But, facing the Internet, to the outside world, we have a unique public IP that we can consult on many websites dedicated to it.

We have used “What is my IP”, which shows our address the moment we enter it, without further delay. Although there are fixed IPs, the normal thing is that our ISP assigns us a dynamic IP that changes over time.