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How to know what processor, RAM and storage my Android phone has

25 mayo, 2021

Formerly the model of a mobile was synonymous with a closed list of technical specifications, but today the same mobile can be available with multitude of versions of RAM memory, storage and even with different processors depending on the region.

If you are not very sure of how much RAM, storage or what processor your mobile has, here we will see how you can consult it from your mobile. This will be useful if you have bought the mobile second hand, abroad or are simply not sure of the data.

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Generally, the same mobile model has the same processor, so that in most cases you can rely on the official technical specifications to find what the processor of your mobile should be. However, there are exceptions, as with many Samsung models that are released with Exynos processor in some markets and Snapdragon in others.

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If you want to check which processor your mobile has, you have two options. Some layers of customization -such as EMUI- include the data in About of the phone, although this is not usual in pure Android and substitutes. In these cases you will need a specific application to obtain the data, CPU-Z being one of the most popular.

Close to

CPU-Z is a reliable way to get many technical specifications of the mobile at a glance. In the SOC tab you will find all the information about your processor (which cores it has and at what speed are they working), although if you only want to know the name, you will find it in the next tab, in Device and in line Hardware.



  • Developer: CPUID
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Tools


If you want to know how much storage your mobile has, you will also find it in specialized applications such as CPU-Z and some layers include it in the menu About of the phone, but if it is not your case you can consult it without having to install anything.

To do this, go to the Android Settings and enter the section Storage. There it will put a summary of the storage used so far and the total available. If there is a memory card in the system, its total and used size is also displayed.



Knowing how much RAM your mobile has can be a little more complicated if your mobile does not include it in the section of About of the phone and you don’t want to install any app just for this. It is possible without installing anything, although you must first activate the developer options (or for programmers, as it is called now).

With the developer options enabled, the first section that appears at the top is Memory. From there you can already see the total memory in the small text where the average memory used is indicated.

Memory use

If you want to see more data, tap on Memory to open the complete information and see which apps are using the most of your memory, the average usage percentage, the total memory and available, being able to consult the data for different time intervals.