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How to listen to free music on Google speaker using voice

24 mayo, 2021

Do you have a smart speaker from Google? Well you can configure it so play you music just by asking with your voice. And without costing you a penny, just use a free Spotify or YouTube Music account: follow the steps from the Google Assistant settings.

Smart speakers have become popular enough that it is not strange for us to see them in almost any home. Leaving aside the doubts related to privacy, they can become a very useful element since they allow answer questions, flip switches around the house, call people, and even offer music without typing orders on a screen: just ask with your voice. And asking the Google Assistant to play music is something that can save many confinements, especially since it is so simple to do.

Associate your free account with Google Assistant

Free Music Smart Speaker Google

Listening to free music streaming from your phone is not strange since Spotify has been offering this option for years. YouTube Music also joined the free streaming party: both streaming platforms offer free playlists to anyone who wants to listen to them. And the best thing is that the two accounts can be added to Google Assistant so that the company’s smart speakers play music just by asking.

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By associating a free Spotify or YouTube Music account with Google Assistant (only one can be active) you have the opportunity to listen to music directly on Google smart speakers. Of course, you need an account, this is the first step: if you don’t have one, go here to sign up for Spotify Free. In the case of YouTube Music, it is not necessary to register since you just have to log in with your Google account.

Once you have your subscription service, it is time to associate it with Google Assistant so that it sounds on Google smart speakers:

  • Open Google Assistant on your mobile. You can activate it by saying ‘Ok Google’, holding down the Home button or with the Google Play app.
  • Click on the compass icon, bottom right.
Free Music Smart Speaker Google
  • Go to your avatar, in the upper right corner, and click on ‘Settings’.
  • Go to the ‘Services’ tab and go to the ‘Music’ option.
  • You will see that your free YouTube Music account is active. Mark it and you can already listen to your music on the smart speaker.
  • What do you prefer Spotify Free? Scroll down to ‘More music services’ and click on ‘Spotify’.
  • Click on ‘Link account’ and log in with your Spotify account. Then, go down to the bottom and click on ‘I accept’.
  • Choose the free Spotify account as default in ‘Your music services’ and it will be this platform that sounds when you ask the Google assistant.
Free Music Smart Speaker Google

From that moment on, regardless of which free platform you have chosen, Google Assistant will put music on your smart speakers when you ask. To do this, it will access your playlists and will also take into account your tastes when linking songs: just say ‘Ok, Google. Put on music ‘or’ Ok, Google. Play pop ‘, for example. Music will play through the speaker without you having to use the phone.

Smart speakers will play music on command, but they won’t save you from the hassles of the free account: you can’t listen to the songs and bands you want, yes music related to them. And you can’t go forward or backward in topics either. If you want to avoid the restrictions you will need a Premium account of either of the two services.