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How to listen to the FM radio with wireless headphones on an Android mobile

24 mayo, 2021

Some mobiles include FM radio, so that it is possible to listen to the stations in the area, without using data of any kind. Mobile phones use the headphone cable as an antenna for the radio, so what if you want to listen to the radio with your new wireless headphones favorites?

Some mobiles have FM radio, others do not, and if they all have something in common, it is that they have a minijack for headphones. Even if it has a headphone jack, you might prefer to use TWS headphones or those new headphones with great noise cancellation. You can listen to the FM radio with wireless headphones, although the solution is not very elegant.

FM radio in wireless headphones

If you want to listen to the FM radio of your Android mobile on wireless headphones, you will face two problems. The first one is that mobiles use the headphone cable as an antenna so without connecting headphones, you won’t be able to pick up any station unless you live below its antenna.

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This problem has an easy solution: connect a headphone cable to the mobile, even if you are not going to use it to listen to music. It works with any pair of headphones you have at home, even if they sound terrible or are half broken: you only need them to act as an antenna. It is not a very elegant solution, but you can always keep these headphones next to the mobile, in your pocket.

Headphones You will have to connect a wired headset yes or yes, as they are the antenna. If possible, smaller than these

After connecting the headphone cable, you can now open the radio application and search for your favorite station. Then connect your wireless headphones and hopefully the radio will start playing from them, rather than from the wired headphones.

If not, you just ran into the second problem: that the sound comes out of the wired headphones and not wireless, regardless of whether you connect the Bluetooth headset later.

You will need to use wired headphones for the antenna and configure the mobile to use the wireless ones for the audio output

If this is your case, look for the option to change which device is used for audio output. In some mobiles, you will find the option in the volume control, in mobiles with EMUI in a permanent notification and in Android stock it is in the section Play multimedia content on, on audio settings.

Choose The process to choose the audio output in EMUI (left) and in pure Android (right)

Change the output to wireless headphones and you should listen to the FM radio for them and not for those who have cable, which will only serve as an antenna. Some mobiles, especially those with older versions of Android, may not have this option and insist on prioritizing wired headphones.

If nothing works, you will always have the apps to listen to the radio, which use data, but at least do not require you to wear a wired headset hanging on the mobile. In summary, this is the entire process to listen to the FM radio of an Android mobile in wireless headphones:

  • Connect any wired headphones

  • Open the radio app and check that it works

  • Connect the wireless headphones to the mobile

  • If sound is coming from the wired headphones, please change the output device in Android sound settings